anti ds-dna antibody test

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clinical definition of anti ds-dna antibody (elisa)

Anti-Double Stranded DNA antibodies are the anti-nuclear antibodies. These antibodies typically produced by the immune system, target the antigens of the double-stranded DNA. ANA anti-nuclear antibodies target the essential parts of the cell’s nucleus especially the genetic material. This may further lead to cell or tissue damage. Presence of anti-ds DNA in the blood helps in concluding a disease called “lupus”.

Systematic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease in which the system’s immune system goes haywire and attacks the healthy tissues instead. It is known that about 85% of people deal with Anti-ds DNA antibodies if they have an untreated SLE.

what is anti ds-dna antibody test?

Anti Ds-DNA antibody is a type of DNA blood test that is utilised to diagnose lupus or more aptly the SLE. If a patient has a positive ANA test result plus shows symptoms similar to that of lupus, ELISA test is highly recommended. ELISA or more aptly enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is generally used to detect these antibodies in the blood.

why do i need anti ds-dna antibody test?

ELISA DNA test procedure aids in differentiating lupus from other autoimmune diseases that may have been bothering you. The DNA analysis also helps in measuring the severity of the diseases in patients detected with lupus and lupus nephritis too.

If you are experiencing muscle pain, hair loss, weight loss, arthritis, weakness, fever, exhaustion, numbness in the feet or the hands, or even organ inflammation or damage; lupus is what is suspected. A DNA blood test is what you need in this case.

Lupus nephritis is a severe form of lupus disease that can lead to inflammation and kidney issues. Therefore, DNA antibody testing becomes important before it is too late.

what do my test results mean?

First, the ANA test result is analyzed. If a positive result is obtained, the ELISA test is conducted for ruling out anti-ds DNA in the blood. If that result also comes out to be positive; lupus is inferred.

If the level of anti-ds DNA is found to be high, lupus nephritis is usually concluded. Moderate levels of anti-ds DNA antibody are thought to be associated with autoimmune diseases like Sjogren syndrome or mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD).

And, when the DNA results indicate low levels of anti-ds DNA, it implies that you may not be into that much of a trouble. But that nowhere signifies that lupus has no role to play in your condition.

Statistics imply that only about 50-70% suffering from lupus are detected with anti-ds DNA.

how is this anti ds-dna antibody done?

As far as how to do a DNA test is concerned, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or ELISA is conducted. In this anti-ds test, antibodies and colour modifications are utilised to identify the foreign substances. The DNA test procedure involves the collection of the blood sample that would be added to the test apparatus containing antigens.

In case your blood has got the antibodies to the specific antigens, both of them would bind together. Next, an enzyme would be added to the cohered antigens and antibodies to look for colour changes. If the lab technician noticed a change in colour, you would be having anti-ds DNA in your blood.

sample required

You would need a blood sample. The lab technician would draw out blood from the vein with the help of a needle to proceed with the DNA analysis.

what might affect my test results?

The particular symptoms of the patient or his respective medical history can affect the result in one way or the other. Moreover, the irregular occurrence pattern of autoimmune disorders can also affect the test result. This is because sometimes it takes months or years at straight to identify DNA testing results and therefore lupus.

how do you understand this result?

There are a number of complement components in one’s immune system. Though for protection, these complement components attack the body’s essential cells in case of lupus. There are two forms of complements in case of lupus i.e. complement 3 (C3) and complement 4 (C4).

• If an anti-ds DNA test report has low C3 levels along with low C4 levels, lupus is inferred

• If the C3 and C4 levels are moderate, lupus is controlled in the system. But the situation could worsen in future

• If the anti-ds DNA results show low C3 levels, there may be no harm, but there may be chances of developing lupus nephritis shortly

how do i prepare for anti ds-dna antibody test?

There are no preparations that are required for anti-ds DNA testing.


The anti-ds DNA test report would be prepared in the lab and sent to our professionals. Anti-ds DNA treatment is recommended when blood samples speak positively of the disease. Consult our team of doctors as lupus is another thing you need to deal with. Or look for other “Anti-ds DNA testing near me” to get access to reliable clinics around. Do not worry about the DNA test costs as these attract affordable charges.