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what is anti mullerian hormone?

Cells in the body make the Anti Mullerian hormone (AMH) protein. The AMH protein surrounds each egg and during the small pre-antral stages, the production of AMH is maximum. As the follicles grow, AMH production starts decreasing, and once a follicle is 8mm in size, no AMH is produced. 

what is anti mullerian hormone test?

A simple blood test can determine a woman’s AMH levels. This AMH levels test can be done at any point in the menstrual cycle. 

Research tells us that the size of the group of growing follicles influences the number of remaining primordial follicles which are believed to reflect a woman’s remaining egg supply (ovarian reserve).

At the time of birth, a woman carries all the eggs that she will ever have. Until their late 30s, most women have excellent reproductive potential. Some patients are less fortunate than others. Low AMH levels can predict which women have fewer eggs of lesser quality and therefore a lower chance of conceiving.

why do i need the amh test?

The AMH test can help to determine the number of eggs and your chances of conceiving. If you have trouble conceiving, then the doctor might recommend that you take the test. Your AMH test report can also help the doctor to determine the value of treatments such as IVF. 

what other tests might i have along with this test?

An antral follicle count test might be recommended along with the AMH test. Other tests may also be advised especially if you have not undergone rigorous hormonal tests. You might be asked to undergo testing at a specific point in your cycle, even though the AMH test can be done at any point in your cycle. For example, if you also need to take the test to check your progesterone levels, the doctor will likely order testing in the second half of your cycle.

what do my test results mean?

Greater than 1.0 ng/ml indicate normal AMH levels

Levels less than 1.0 ng/ml might be a cause for concern. 

If the AMH Levels are greater than 3.0 ng/ml, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) might be the cause.

Undetectable AMH levels may be indicative of very poor reproductive potential.

how is this test done?

The AMH blood test is a very simple test that can be done anytime during the menstrual cycle.  

does this test pose any risk?

There are no risks associated with taking the Anti Mullerian Hormone test.

what might affect my test results?

Please take note that your lifestyle choices such as excessive smoking (20 cigarettes a day and more) can affect your AMH levels. If you have been exposed to toxins, that might also affect your ovarian reserve and decrease your AMH levels. Environmental smoke from indoor heating is also linked to low AMH levels. If you have cancer, chemotherapy can also cause AMH levels to drop significantly. Doctors recommend not taking any birth control pills prior to the test. 

how do i prepare for the test?

The AMH blood test does not require to prepare at all. No fasting is required. 

It is recommended to stop birth control pills 1-2 months prior to having an AMH test done.

low amh treatment

If your AMH test report shows low levels of AMH, the doctor will begin low AMH treatment that includes fertility treatment.  

amh test cost

The AMH test cost varies from place to place. You can easily find out the AMH test cost at your local clinic.

amh test near me

If you wish to take the AMH test at home, get in touch with Portea. Portea can administer the AMH test at home saving you the inconvenience of going to the clinic. At Portea, world-class medical care is a priority, and you will be taken care of in every way by the medical experts. Your AMH test report will also be delivered to your home.