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Audiometry / Audiography / Audiology / Audiogram

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clinical definition of audiometry / audiography / audiology / audiogram

Audiometry Test also referred to as audiogram test and audiograophy test is an examination of a persons hearing ability. The audiometry technique helps to identify the cause of hearing loss and helps to determine the amount of hearing loss by measuring the hearing sensitivity of the person.

Audiometry test is useful in prescribing suitable medical treatment or appropriate hearing aids for the patient. The most popularly use method is the pure-tone audiometry which measures hearing sensitivity as a graph plotted on an audiogram.

What is an Audiogram?

An audiogram is a graphical representation of the hearing test of a person measured with a device called audiometer. 

What is an Audiologist?

 An Audiologist is a healthcare professional trained to assess, diagnose and prescribe treatment for hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders to infants, children and adults. Audiologists also help in the rehabilitation of people with hearing loss. 

Audiologists are trained in anatomy and physiology, electrophysiology, acoustics, psychophysics, neurology, vestibular function and hearing aids and cochlear implants and counselling and sign language.

when do you expect results?

24 to 36 Hours

why get tested?

An audiometry test is carried out in cases when:

  • A person is experiencing hearing loss and is screened for diagnosis
  • As a part of a routine examination
  • To check for hearing problems in adults, especially elderly
  • To check the hearing sensitivity of a person who is exposed to loud sounds regularly, maybe at his work place (Occupational hazard)
  • To ascertain the amount and kind of hearing loss

reason to take audiometry / audiography / audiology / audiogram test

Symptoms observed are:

  • Difficulty in hearing
  • Ringing in ears.
  • Pain or discomfort in ears
  • Drainage from the ears
  • Ear infections
  • Dizziness
  • Family history of hearing loss
  • Exposed to a lot of noise at work
  • Often asking people to repeat themselves
  • Difficulties with speech and language development

preparations needed for audiometry / audiography / audiology / audiogram test

No special preparations required.

sample required?

  • Diagnostic Procedure: Each ear is blocked one at a time
  • The ability to hear sounds of different intensities is checked
  • The minimum sound intensity required to hear each tone is recorded on the audiometer as a graph

audiometry test price

Audiometry test cost is not fixed and is subject to change depending upon various factors, like the type of audiometry test, audiologist fee, etc. The Pure – tone audiometry cost too are affordable and is find to average anywhere between 500 to 1000 INR.

Apart from the traditional audiography tests, now one can also avail of audiometry test online and such audiogram test cost are quite economical and affordable.

how can we help?

With the advent of technology now audiometry test online can easily be taken by a person. You can also choose to take the audiometry test at the comfort of your home by a certified audiologist. We at Portea are renowned for our superior quality at- home healthcare service driven by dedicated team of healthcare professionals and patient centric approach.

As part of our healthcare service we also provide pure – tone audiometry test at the comfort of your home. So if you need audiometry test at home just give us a call and our representative healthcare professional will visit you at your home at a day and time of your choosing and conduct the test. Along with that we would also provide the test result at home together with an audiologist consultation.

You can also find us on Google just type audiometry test near me in the search box and you would find Portea in the search result, click on the link and you will be directed to our homepage where you can make an appointment online or call on the displayed number to have a Portea audiologist visit you.

Understanding results ofAudiometry / Audiography / Audiology / Audiogram

Reference RangeInterpretation
over 90 dBProfound hearing loss
71 dB to 90 dBSevere hearing loss
56 dB to 70 dBModerately Severe hearing loss
41 dB to 55 dBModerate hearing loss
26 dB to 40 dBMild hearing loss
-10 dB to 25 dB+Normal range

‘*A Reference range is a set of values which helps the healthcare professional to interpret a medical test. It may vary with age, gender, and other factors. Reference ranges may also vary between labs, in value & units depending on instruments used and method of establishment of reference ranges’