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what is c reactive protein?

C Reactive Protein is a substance produced by the liver. It is classified as an acute phase reactant, which means that CRP levels increases with inflammation in the body. A high level of CRP is used as a non – specific marker signalling to inflammation in the body, inflammation of the arteries along with other health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and vasculitis. Although low levels of C reactive protein are considered good for the body, chronically low – level of CRP can result in several age related diseases like heart disease, some forms of cancer and neurodegenerative 

There is no specific symptom of C Reactive protein that manifests themselves explicitly that can be said to be a C Reactive protein symptom.

c reactive protein causes

The primary c reactive protein cause is the inflammation in the body. With inflammation in the body the CRP levels in the blood stream rises. This inflammation could be due to infection or trauma affecting the immune system,  medical causes, lifestyle habits and genetics. The other causes of elevated CRP and other markers of inflammation are the following conditions;

  • Burns
  • Pneumonia 
  • Tuberculosis
  • Heart Attack
  • Inflammatory disease

c reactive protein treatment

The conventional C Reactive protein treatment involve prescribing the same medications that is used for lowering LDL cholesterol to reduce C reactive protein. In addition to that a healthy diet is recommended, in fact Mediterranean diet has been found effective in helping lower C reactive protein levels. Besides making dietary changes, an individual also needs to quit alcohol, smoking and exercise regularly to maintain optimum levels of C reactive protein in the body. 

what is a c reactive protein test

A C Reactive protein is a blood test that serves as a marker for inflammation of the body. Although this test confirms the inflammation in the body through elevated C reactive protein, it is non – specific, i.e. it cannot pin point the exact location of the inflammation, for it other set of tests and examination are to be used in conjunction with the C Reactive protein test. 

how to prepare for the c reactive protein

The C Reactive protein test has no special requirement like fasting or anything. Only a blood sample is drawn out by means of an injection from the veins of the forearm. People under medication should inform their doctor before undergoing this test as certain medications can cause disturbances on test efficacy.

c reactive protein test side effects

Like any other blood tests, C Reactive protein tests is safe to use and side effects to this test are very rare and the classic side effects of the C Reactive protein tests are quite mild and fade off in a day’s time. The side effects of the C Reactive protein test are as follows;

  • Soreness at the site of injection.
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Excessive bleeding in people with blood disorders
  • Infection at the injection site

c reactive protein normal range

C Reactive protein is measured in terms of  milligrams per litre of blood and C Reactive protein normal range is below 3.0 mg/dL.

c reactive protein test results interpretation

If C Reactive protein test shows CRP levels at less than 1 mg/L it indicates to low risk of cardiovascular diseases.

If the C Reactive protein test results show a range between 1 and 2.9 mg/L it refers to an intermediate risk to cardiovascular disease.

If C Reactive protein test results show a reading higher than 3 mg/L, it means the person is at a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

A CRP test reading of more than 10mg/L indicates to some serious infection or chronic disease and further testing is required to get to the root cause of such high inflammation levels. Such high CRP levels can be indicative of the following diseases;

  • Bone infection or osteomyelitis
  • Auto immune arthritis flare up
  • IBD
  • Tuberculosis
  • Lupus
  • Lymphoma
  • Pneumonia

c reactive protein test cost

The C Reactive protein test cost is not fixed throughout India and the prices have been found to vary in different cities and towns. However, the average C Reactive protein test cost averages on the economical side and is not too expensive.

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