ca 19.9 (cancer antigen-pancreas 19.9) Test

CA 19.9 (Cancer antigen-Pancreas 19.9)

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clinical definition of ca 19.9 (cancer antigen-pancreas 19.9)

Cancer antigen 19.9(CA 19.9) is a protein that exists on the surface of certain cancer cells. CA 19.9 is elevated in pancreatic cancer. The CA 19.9 test is used in the diagnosis of gastritis, abdominal pains, and gas and to monitor treatment and reoccurrence of pancreatic, gastrointestinal, stomach and gynecological cancers. Moderate to high levels of CA 19.9 are an indicator of pancreatitis and cirhossis of liver.

when do you expect results?

24 to 36 Hours

why get tested?

  • CA 19.9 is carried out to differentiate between cancer of the pancreas and other conditions, such as pancreatitis
  • To monitor a person's response to pancreatic cancer treatment and/or cancer progression
  • To watch for pancreatic cancer recurrence

reason to take ca 19.9 (cancer antigen-pancreas 19.9) test

The common signs/symptoms are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Jaundice
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal Pain gas and gastritis

preparations needed for ca 19.9 (cancer antigen-pancreas 19.9) test

Preparatory instructions before the test *:

No Fasting Required.
No other special preparations required.

sample required?

Specimen type: Serum (Blood Sample)

Specimen collection procedure: Venipuncture(Collection of blood from a vein, usually from the arm)

Understanding results ofCA 19.9 (Cancer antigen-Pancreas 19.9)

Reference RangeInterpretation
00 to 30.9 U/ml **Normal

‘*A Reference range is a set of values which helps the healthcare professional to interpret a medical test. It may vary with age, gender, and other factors. Reference ranges may also vary between labs, in value & units depending on instruments used and method of establishment of reference ranges’