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what is cadmium?

Cadmium is an element marked by the symbol Cd and has an atomic number of 48. Cadmium is a soft, bluish-white metal. It shares some chemical similarities with Zinc and Mercury.

what is cadmium used for?

A small component of most zinc ores, Cadmium is generally produced as a by-product during zinc production. It was used as a corrosion-resistant plating on steel. 

Cadmium Uses:

  • Batteries (especially rechargeable nickel-cadmium, NiCad, batteries). 
  • Alloys for bearings. 
  • Low melting alloys also require Cadmium. 
  • Cadmium is also a component of many kinds of solder.

toxic effect of cadmium

The human body has no use for Cadmium. Thus, even at low levels, it can be very toxic. There are numerous ill-effects of having Cadmium in the body including cardiovascular, reproductive, the kidneys, eyes, brain issues.

Cadmium Poisoning and Cadmium Poisoning Symptoms

If you happen to inhale cadmium-laden dust, it can very quickly lead to respiratory tract and kidney problems. Inhaling cadmium can lead to a cough, weakness, fever, chest pain, irritation of the nose, throat and a headache. This can turn fatal.  If you happen to ingest a significant amount of cadmium, immediate poisoning effects will begin to show. Additionally, it can also cause liver and kidney damage.  Compounds that contain cadmium are also deemed carcinogenic. 

cadmium disease

Cadmium disease was termed as Itai-Itai disease in Japan when there was a major case of cadmium poisoning. The Cadmium disease was caused due to companies dumping their waste in rivers. Itai-Itai translates to ‘It hurts-It hurts.’  

cadmium poisoning treatment

The first and foremost step is to treat victims is to stop further exposure to cadmium.

Preventive measures in the workplace include

  • improving ventilation by opening windows,
  • installing or running an exhaust fan or a mechanical ventilation system, and
  • wearing proper personal protective equipment such as respiratory protection, protective clothing, eye protection, and gloves.

Some preventive measures include

  • A clean work area free of dust should be maintained,
  • Contaminated clothes should be disposed of immediately
  • Smoking should be prohibited
  • Food and Beverage strictly prohibited in the work zone
  • Hands should be washed before all activities.

Treatment includes a standard chelation therapy that can be performed by two methods:

A. using calcium disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). 

B. using British anti-Lewisite (BAL or dimercaprol)

cadmium test

Laboratory Tests for Acute Exposure. 

If the patient or the doctor suspects that the patient might have been exposed to cadmium-laden dust and inhaled it, the Cadmium test is performed.  

Chest X-ray is performed to check for chemical pneumonitis. Pulmonary edema can also be detected with the chest X-ray. 

Renal and hepatic functions – to check for signs of liver or kidney damage

cadmium urine test

The level of Cadmium in blood is determined by performing a urine test. The concentration of cadmium in the kidneys and cadmium in urine may be elevated in your test if you have been exposed to cadmium. 

Reference Values 

0 - 17 years: not established

Greater than or equal to 18 years: <0.6 mcg/24 hour


Normally, the excretion of cadmium is proportional to creatinine. When renal damage has occurred, cadmium excretion increases relative to creatinine.

Collection of urine specimens through a catheter frequently results in elevated values because rubber contains trace amounts of cadmium that are extracted as urine passes through the catheter

cadmium test cost

The cost of the varies from clinic to clinic and may also factor in the consultation fees of the doctor. 

how can we help?

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