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what is cmv (cytomegalovirus)?

Cytomegalovirus, also known as Human Herpes virus 5 is a common virus that can be transmitted via direct contact of bodily fluids (urine, blood, semen, breast milk and vaginal secretions). One thing we need to keep in mind about the CMV virus is that it can remain dormant in the body for a long time. So carriers of the disease may not know they have it. However, there are certain CMV symptoms that may surface. Some of the CMV positive symptoms include exhaustion, sore throat, joint pain, muscle soreness, low appetite, fever and night sweats. There are two main vulnerable groups that can suffer from a CMV infection. Infants get CMV when it is transmitted from their mothers. Individuals who have gone immune-repressive treatments to facilitate an organ transplant can also suffer the serious symptoms and repercussions of a CMV infection.

about the cmv test

The CMV titer is a test to check the levels of infection in your body. The test for CMV antibody is done on a blood sample. There are two types of antibodies that are produced as a trigger reaction to a CMV infection. Based on the levels of these antibodies, IgM and IgG, the technicians can ascertain the severity of your infection.

what does cmv igg positive mean?

If there is a continuous increase in the CMV IgG levels, that is an indicator of an active infection. A positive reading of IgG means that the person has suffered a CMV infection recently. The IgG testing method is a proven technique and used to determine the presence of many other diseases, including dengue fever. For CMV IgG positive treatment, it is suggested that you reach out to your physician. In most cases, the virus is dormant, so no treatment is required. Prophylaxis is an anti-viral treatment that is suggested to adult individuals who are under high risk of a CMV infection.

A low IgM count can either mean the immune system is not reacting to the infection in an adequate manner or it could indicate that the condition the person may be suffering from is not CMV.

cmv viral load normal range

The IgG for CMV normal range is 620 to 1400 mg/dl. If the reading is above this threshold, then you will need to consult a doctor to prevent any unwanted symptoms or infections. This action is especially crucial for pregnant mothers or parents planning to have a child.

when do you need us?

It is imperative that pregnant women get a CMV blood test as the baby can get afflicted with congenital conditions. A CMV infection can be dangerous for individuals with a weak immune system. It can result in serious illnesses like hepatitis, encephalitis, pneumonia and colitis.

The CMV test should be done by couples planning to start a family and also for those who have been experiencing the symptoms consistently. If your CMV diagnosis is positive, then antiviral treatments are the most effective measure.

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Our laboratories employ the most cutting-edge medical testing equipment with experienced technicians at the helm of things. You can get a comprehensive CMV test and consult an expert physician who will guide you accordingly. The CMV test cost is affordable and timely action will save you more costs and physical discomfort.


CMV is something that should not be ignored. Even though it is a common virus that is present for life in many individuals, it can cause serious complications to newborns and those with weakened immune systems because they have undergone organ transplants. Getting a CMV test is a very prudent long-term health decision.