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what is egfr?

EGFR stands for epidermal growth factor receptor. This is a transmembrane protein that is also a receptor. The EGFR protein is a receptor for the EGF family of extracellular protein ligands.  If there are any mutations that affect EGFR activity, it could result in cancer. Stanley Cohen is credited for the discovery of the EGFR protein and its receptor.  

what is egfr test?

The EGFR test is also known as EGFR mutation analysis. 

what is being tested?

This test is done to detect mutations in the EGFR gene in cancer tissue. If the doctor suspects you have NSCLC or non-small cell lung cancer, this test and its results can help with treatment.   

In traditional cells, the binding of epidermic protein to its receptor on the cell surface is a crucial signal that promotes cell proliferation. Treatment that targets EGFR could be a valuable molecular approach in cancer treatment.  

how is the sample collected for testing?

A biopsy is performed to get a sample of cancer tissue. 

do you need to prepare for the test?

Do you need to prepare for the test?

how is it used?

EGFR mutation analysis is employed primarily to assist and guide treatment and to verify whether or not somebody with non-small cell carcinoma (NSCLC) might benefit from targeted medical therapy with the amino acid enzyme inhibitors (TKIs) gefitinib and erlotinib. This testing detects the presence of specific activating mutations within the EGFR factor within the deoxyribonucleic acid of cells in neoplasm tissue.

EGFR-activating mutations can result in uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. TKIs block the action of EGFR, that inhibits cell growth. 

An EGFR mutation analysis test can be performed as a standalone test. Your doctor may suggest more tests that also includes KRAS and/or ALK mutation testing. Every one of those tests could also be used to verify whether or not an individual's carcinoma can respond targeted medical aid and which sort can probably be of most benefit.

egfr blood test

Can I have my blood tested for EGFR mutations?

No. There is no blood test done to determine EGFR mutation analysis. 

is there anything i ought to know?

If a patient has already been exposed to a aminoalkanoic acid enzyme matter and is showing signs of resistance to the medication, the health practician might order tests that seek for specific EGFR resistance mutations.

gfr normal range

The reference ranges for your tests is found on your laboratory report. They're generally accurate and the reference ranges can be different based on different labs.

Consult your health care supplier or the laboratory that performed the test(s) to get the interpretation of results.

Labs reports may vary depending on their instruments, techniques and reagents that are being used. Only your healthcare provider can give you an accurate picture of your health.

egfr test cost

The EGFR test cost varies from lab to lab and the EGFR test cost may also factor in the doctor’s consulting fees. 

egfr cancer treatment

Medication referred to as EGFR inhibitors will block the signal from EGFR that tells the cells to grow. a number of these medication will be accustomed treat NSCLC.

how can we help?

At Portea, we are committed to helping you receive the best healthcare right at home. We can help you get the EGFR test done and deliver your reports to you at home. Our team of medical experts are also well equipped to help you with your treatment should you need it. Give us a call and let us take care of you.