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what is hepatitis b?

Hepatitis b is described as a liver infection caused by the hepatitis b virus commonly abbreviated as HBV. It is one of the most common liver disease affecting many people across the world. The hepatitis B infection can be self-resolving, i.e. your body will have the ability to fight with it in the majority of the cases. But in case if the infection is acute, the infected person can develop a serious ailment leading to liver cancer. Prior immunization with hepatitis B vaccine can help in preventing the infection if you are infected with the virus. The virus is known to spread through blood or other bodily fluids and can be easily passed on from an infected person.

what are the symptoms of hepatitis b infection?

To understand what is hepatitis B, it is essential to recognise the symptoms that make the infection evident. The symptoms for hepatitis b infection occurring in infants mostly go unnoticed and are rarely diagnosed. But after the age of 5, the infection starts to show its symptoms. Some of the prominent hepatitis B symptoms include;

• Persistently feeling fatigued

• Showing symptoms of Jaundice like yellow eyes and skin

• Loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea

• Pain in the joint, muscles and abdomen

• Passing dark coloured urine or clay colures stools

• Fever that doesn’t subside easily

The acute symptoms of the infection are known to be visible only after 60 to 120 days and last up to a maximum of 6 months. If you feel you have been exposed to the virus contact the doctor immediately for further remediation.

what are the causes of hepatitis b?

The hepatitis b infection is said to be highly contagious and can spread easily as the virus is known to be alive for 7 days outside the body. The hepatitis B causes can be correlated with the modes of transmission of the virus. Some of the modes of transmission of the virus include;

1. When a person comes in contact with blood that has been infected by the virus.

2. If pricked with a needle contaminated with the virus, there are high chances of the disease being transmitted.

3. Can be passed on to the infant during childbirth if the mother is infected.

4. Personal hygiene item like razors or a toothbrush if shared with an infected person can transmit the infection through blood or other bodily fluids like saliva.

5. Intimate contact with a person already infected with the virus.

how is the hepatitis b testing done?

Normally a blood routine is carried out to diagnose the infection by testing for the corresponding antibodies and antigens. In total there are three tests that make up for the hepatitis b blood panel.

1. HBsAg or hepatitis B antigen test checks for the presence of the virus in the test. This is performed by using immunoassays that make use of anti-HBs to find the hepatitis antigen in the sample. The presence of the antigen implies that the person is infected with the virus.

2. Anti-HBs or HBsAb is a hepatitis B antibody test indicates that the person has responded to the vaccination for hepatitis b successfully. The risk of infection does not arise in future as well.

3. Anti-HBc or HBcAb is hepatitis b core antibody test for which the positive report indicates that there is an infection in the body currently or has been there in the past.

what is the treatment for hepatitis b infection?

The need for hepatitis B treatment arises only if a person has not been previously vaccinated for the virus. For others, there is no sure shot treatment, but the patient can be given an HBV vaccination and hepatitis B immunoglobulin shot as well. It is important that the immunoglobulin or hepatitis B antibody should be administered within 12 hours of the exposure. This might help in preventing the infection after the initial exposure. If the patient is diagnosed with acute infection, there is no major treatment needed. Drinking plenty of fluids, having proper rest and nutritional food should be sufficient to prevent any future complication. In case of acute infection, the body is doing the job of fighting the infection on its own.

If the patient is suffering from a chronic case of the infection antiviral medications, interferon injections and lastly liver transplant could be the possible option for treatment. An important question arises here is hepatitis B curable? The treatment might not 100% cure the infection, but it reduces the progression of the disease and also prevents it from being transmitted to others.

the hepatitis b vaccination dose

Infants and Children up to 10 years: Initially a 5mcg dose is administered, and the next two are given after 1 and six months.

For adolescents between 11-15 years: The initial vaccine dose is 10 mcg, and later 2 boosters are given after 4th and 6th month.

For adults 16 years onwards: Initial dose of 10 mcg and then after 1 and 6 months the two boosters are required to be given.

Dialysis or pre-dialysis patients require about a dose of 40 mcg

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The hepatitis b vaccinations are easily available today for the treatment of the infection. But as they say, prevention is better than cure it is important that we take the necessary measures to prevent the infection in the first place. If you already are infected make no delay in attaining proper medical care.