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what is inhibin?

Inhibin is a dimeric glycoprotein complex that supresses the secretion of FSH by the pituitary gland. Inhibin are produced by the gonads; by Sertoli cells in particular in men and by granulosa cells in women. Inhibin plays a vital role in controlling the production of gametes and embryonic and the foetal development. There are two types of Inhibin found in the blood; Inhibin A and Inhibin B.

what is inhibin a?

Inhibin A is one of the two forms of Inhibin. Females produce both the types of Inhibin, while men only produce and synthesize Inhibin B. Inhibin A is secreted together by main follicles and corpus luteum and Inhibin B is mainly secreted by small developing follicles. Both the forms of inhibin fluctuate in level during menstrual cycle. The abnormal levels of both the forms of inhibin reflect of varied conditions in men and women. 


High levels of Inhibin A in the blood serum of a pregnant women is indicative of the foetus being affected with down syndrome and as such Inhibin A forms a crucial part of the maternal screening tests for down syndrome in the second trimester of pregnancy.


Inhibin A and Inhibin elevation is also associated with granulosa cell tumours. Inhibin A is also used as marker for epithelial tumours.

what is inhibin a test?

Inhibin A Test is a basic blood test that measure the level Inhibin A in the blood. It is used in pregnant women who are suspected of carrying a foetus with down syndrome. The Inhibin A test is also used for the diagnosis of Granulosa cell tumours and Mucinous Epithelial Ovarian Tumour. 

inhibin a test preparation

Usually the Inhibin A test does not require any special preparation but, in some cases fasting is required for some period as advised by a doctor. Besides that it is also important to inform your doctor about allergies and medications you are taking as they can affect the Inhibin A test results.

inhibin a test procedure

The Inhibin A test is conducted with the help of immunoassay method on a blood sample, which is easily drawn out from the vein of the forearm. 

inhibin a side effects

Inhibin – A is a pretty safe procedure and side effects if any are rare and minor like;


  • Excessive bleeding
  • Soreness at the puncture site
  • Infection at the puncture site
  • Dizziness or fainting

inhibin a normal range

The Inhibin A normal range varies for men and women and for postmenopausal  and premenopausal women.


  • The Inhibin A normal range for men across all age groups is < 2pg/ml.
  • The Inhibin A normal range for premenopausal women is  < 97.5 pg/ml
  • The Inhibin A normal range for postmenopausal women is < 2.1 pg/ml

inhibin a test interpretation

Inhibin A levels are generally raised in around 70% of patients with granulosa cell tumours and in roughly 20% of patients with epithelial ovarian tumours. A normal Inhibin A level does not mean the absence of mucinous or granulosa ovarian cell tumour, rather in these cases Inhibin B test should be useful as mucinous or granulosa ovarian cell tumours normally have raised inhibin B level.


For monitoring patients with known ovarian malignancy, Inhibin A levels shortly after surgical treatment; and raised level of inhibin An after treatment suggest of residual, recurrent or progressive diseases. 

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