total iron binding capacity (tibc) test

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clinical definition of total iron binding capacity (tibc) test

Usually, iron concentrations are controlled by a proportion between the amount of iron taken into the body and the amount of iron lost. Typically, a small amount of iron is lost each day, so if too less iron is taken in, the deficiency will develop. There is usually enough iron to prevent iron deficiency and anaemia in healthy people usually person with poor diet. Iron studies measure the concentration of iron in the blood.

There would be certain situations, where you may find increased need of iron in the blood, Patients suffering from the gut with chronic bleeding, e.g. tumours or ulcers or Female patients with heavy menstrual periods might lose more blood than healthy persons and develop the deficiency in iron. Pregnant or breastfeeding woman drop iron to their toddlers during the same course of time and develop iron deficiency. Children during rapid growth and women during the above-mentioned course of time are recommended to take an extra iron to avoid iron deficiency.

Anaemia is caused by a common deficiency of iron in the blood. Iron is a fundamental component of haemoglobin. Iron Studies tests are a set of blood tests to measure and calculate the amount of essential iron in the blood and stored in the body tissues. Iron studies consist of many numbers of components. Ferritin - The acutest marker of total body iron stores and the first component to fall in the setting of iron deficiency. Serum iron - the next most useful component, giving an estimate of iron carried out in the blood.

What is total iron binding capacity?


The capacity of iron to bind to transferrin - A protein which carries iron in the blood is known as TIBC.

what is tibc test?

By performing the total iron binding capacity test (TIBC), the doctor identifies if there is a lot of iron or less amount of iron the bloodstream of the person. It is known that iron is found in all cells of the body. This iron is obtained from our diet. Once the iron enters our body, it is carried to other parts of the body via our bloodstream by binding to a protein called the transferrin. By performing the TIBC test, we will know how well transferrin is able to carry iron to the other parts of the body. TIBC in iron deficiency anaemia is considered to be very useful.

why do i need tibc test?

A TIBC test is advised when abnormal iron levels are predicted in the body of a person. The symptoms of low iron content could be symptoms of anaemia. The symptoms of iron deficiency are a weakness, lethargy, pale skin, concentration difficulty, feeling cold and slow mental growth in children. High iron binding capacity symptoms in the body may be sudden weight loss, abdominal pain, painful joints, loss of hair and irregular heartbeat. TIBC test cost is as low as a blood test cost.

what other tests might i have along with tibc test?

Along with the TIBC test, a serum iron test may be prescribed. The total iron binding capacity explained by the doctor is most helpful.

what do my test results mean?

The TIBC normal range or total iron binding capacity normal range is 240 to 450 micrograms per deciliter. A total iron binding capacity high value of beyond 450 mcg/dL means that the person has low iron levels in the blood. If the TIBC value is less than 240 mcg/dL, it means that the iron level in the blood is very high. Low TIBC causes anaemia. Low iron in the body may be due to excessive loss of blood during pregnancy, menstruation or severe infections. The high TIBC levels in blood may be due to iron poisoning, too much blood transfusion, hemolytic anaemia, damage to the liver or overdose of iron supplements. Based on the results the doctor shall explain the further course of action.

how is tibc test done?

The TIBC test is performed by collecting a blood sample from a vein using a clean syringe. The blood sample is then sent to the laboratory for a TIBC blood test.

does tibc test pose any risk?

The risks associated are those of a blood draw. There may be bruise or inflammation in the area of blood draw. There may also be fainting, excessive bleeding, and infection at the blood draw site or blood accumulation at the blood draw site.

what might affect my test results?

The results of the test may be affected by some medication that the person may be consuming. Before taking the test, it is advised that medication is stopped although it is suggested that the doctor’s advice is taken before stopping any medication. The medications that affect the test results are birth control pills, fluorides, adrenocorticotropic hormone and chloramphenicol.

how do i prepare for tibc test?

Before the test, the person should be on fasting for accurate results. The person should not eat and drink for 8 hours before the test.

Understanding results ofTotal Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) Test

Reference RangeInterpretation
255-450 ug/dlNormal