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what is triple marker?

A Triple marker test is a blood test conducted during pregnancy. It is not a simple diagnostic test, and it also involves a Triple marker screening. It does not provide a diagnosis; rather it simply indicates any potential genetic abnormalities in the baby. Further tests and doctor consultations are required to diagnose the suspected abnormality. Screening means the triple marker test report also factors in the expecting women’s age, weight, ethnicity, pre-existing diseases, type of pregnancy (multiple, twins) etc.

In this article we will discuss what is triple marker test, triple marker test procedure, triple marker test cost, the difference between double marker and triple marker test, triple marker test report analysis/how to read triple marker test results, and much more.

triple marker details

So, what is triple marker test? A triple marker test is a prenatal test to examine the likelihood of birth/genetic/chromosomal defects in the to-be-born baby. The Triple marker test procedure is advisable for all pregnant women, especially if they report:

• Family history of genetic problems.

• 35 years of age or more.

• Pre-natal medications/drugs with side effects.

Diabetic and insulin use.

• Pre-natal viral infection.

• High exposure to radiation.

The triple marker blood test is conducted in the second trimester. It examines the serum levels of three hormones:

• Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)

• Unconjugated estriol

• Human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG)

Triple marker down syndrome is most commonly used to detect Down Syndrome (a chromosomal disorder) between 15 to 18 gestation weeks.


The test cost range is 1250 to 4200 INR. Portea’s Triple marker test price is 1700 INR (in all cities where it offers services) and an additional 99 INR for home sample collection.


There are no risks/side-effects to either the baby or the mother in a triple marker test procedure. The procedure involves a normal blood test. The blood sample is then sent for a lab investigation. The triple marker test report is generated in a few days. Then, you will need help with triple marker test report analysis, triple marker test normal values, triple marker down syndrome, how to read the report and understand triple marker test results positive.


It is best to consult a doctor for an in-depth triple marker test report analysis. This is because:

1. Triple marker reports a high incidence of false positive results. Doctors would know best how to read triple marker test results in the triple marker test report. 

2. A study indicates: “….median values of triple test biomarkers are lacking for Indian population.” 

It is good enough for you to just have a basic idea. If the results are within triple marker test, normal values ask the doctor if you need to do anything more. If triple marker test results positive against triple marker test normal values then consult a doctor immediately, who may recommend more specific tests. If you have a triple marker Down Syndrome, then you may also need to consult a specialist.

double marker vs triple marker

What is the difference between double marker and triple marker test? In double marker only two hormones are tested:

• Free beta hCG


It is done between 10+6 weeks and 12+6 weeks of pregnancy. If your doctor advises, you may even not need a triple marker after a double marker.

In triple marker not two but three hormones are tested, which we have discussed in a section above.

how we can help

At Portea we offer triple marker blood test with triple marker screening. Our triple marker test price is value for money. We are happy if your results are within triple marker test normal values. In case of triple marker test results positive you can book an appointment with our doctors with a call or on our website for convenient home visits. Portea’s triple marker screening, triple marker blood tests are tried and tested and reliable.


This test is gaining popularity in India. It is very important because it can help detect and treat birth defects in children early on. Triple marker test cost is reasonable, so why not get it done?