executive health checkup for women

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package definition

The Executive Health Check package for women comprises of the following tests - 

  • Routine Investigations
  • Sugar screening
  • Cholesterol/Lipid parameters
  • Lipid profile
  • Thyroid tests

why get tested

Busy professionals with hectic work life are more prone to risk and need to be extra-cautious regarding their health. Women who have a busy and stressful environment like extended working hours, frequent  travel (domestic and international), irregular food habits, and who have a personal history of diseases related to diabetes, cardiac, Kidney (Renal) and all those who want to do preventive health checkup should sign up for this package. 

how this package helps?

This package is vital to identify and treat any diseases at an early stage. 

It addresses the specific health challenges of women professionals and consists of various examinations aimed to analyze the body functions that can primarily be affected by stress, work, life style related diseases. 

sample required?

Blood sample: 10-12 hours fasting