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Introducing the Acura V1, a versatile volumetric pump with a colour display designed for critical care and general infusion needs. With a flow rate as low as 0.1ml/hr, it’s compatible with all infusion set brands. This top-quality product comes from BPL and offers various infusion modes like Rate, Time, Weight, Stage, and Drip Rate. Portea, your trusted healthcare service provider, ensures seamless access to such essential medical equipment.


  • 3.2-inch High definition colour display
  • Infusion Modes: Rate Mode, Time Mode, Weight Mode, Stage Mode, Drip Rate Mode
  • In-built Drug Library
  • Dual Bolus Modes: Manual & Automatic bolus
  • 3 levels of occlusion pressure (programmable)
  • 2000 history records and the last configuration memory
  • Horizontal & Vertical fixation clamp


1. What is the difference between an injection and an infusion pump?

The disparity between injections and infusion pumps lies in their administration methods. Injections involve continuously delivering medication or substances directly into the body, typically through a syringe. On the other hand, infusions can be administered continuously or intermittently, sometimes in controlled spurts, and are facilitated by infusion pumps. These pumps regulate the flow rate, ensuring accurate dosing. 

Additionally, infusions can be time-controlled, offering greater precision in medication or fluid delivery. Overall, the distinction highlights infusions’ versatility and controlled nature, which can be adapted to various medical needs, from constant therapy to specific timed dosages.

2. What drug is used in the infusion pump?

The infusion pump serves to administer nutrients and medications in varying amounts. It can deliver antibiotics, insulin, hormones, chemotherapy drugs, and pain relievers. This adaptability enables the treatment of a broad spectrum of medical conditions, from infections and diabetes to hormonal imbalances, cancer therapies, and pain management. The infusion pump’s precision in dosing makes it an indispensable tool in modern healthcare, ensuring controlled and effective delivery of essential substances for patient well-being.

3. What is the function of an infusion pump?

An infusion pump is a vital medical apparatus designed to dispense fluids, including nutrients and medications, into a patient’s body with meticulous precision. This controlled delivery mechanism ensures the accurate administration of substances essential for treatment. 

4. What are the benefits of infusion?

The advantages of infusion include precise medication delivery, controlled dosing, continuous therapy, reduced side effects, improved patient compliance, and the ability to administer a range of substances like fluids, nutrients, medications, and blood products. Infusion also allows for quick response to emergencies, efficient pain management, and tailored treatment plans for cancer, infections, and chronic illnesses.

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