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At Portea, we offer comprehensive healthcare services, providing the option to get suction machine on rent or purchase . These devices efficiently eliminate liquids or secretions by suctioning them from patients. Our suction machines are specifically tailored for cases involving suspected aspiration of gastric or upper airway secretions. They are equipped with a convenient oil-free pump and a plastic panel design.

With our suction apparatus, you can anticipate a secure and low-noise operation, ensuring patient comfort and effective secretion removal. Our suction apparatus is practical for absorbing thick liquids and performing procedures that necessitate negative pressure suction. Choose Portea for dependable suction machine rentals and outstanding healthcare services.

These advanced devices incorporate the latest technology and are widely utilized in hospitals for procedures such as purulence, phlegm, and blood absorption. Engineered to be lightweight and compact, our suction machines also incorporate a functional design to prevent liquid backflow. Rely on Portea for trustworthy suction machine rentals/purchases and exceptional healthcare services.

Indication of Usage: 

Medical suction machine work on the principle of negative pressure that creates a vacuum effect to pull out secretions from a person’s oral cavity..


The audience for the Suction apparatus are Pulmonologist, ENT, Critical Care, and Neurologist.


Some of the top features of the Suction machine are:

  • Our electrical suction machines are designed to be silent and durable, ensuring optimal performance. 
  • Double 2500ml glass collection bottles effectively collect the liquid being suctioned. 
  • The apparatus features an adjuster knob to regulate the vacuum level, allowing precise control within the range of 0.02 to 0.09 Mpa (150 to 680 mmHg). 
  • For convenience, both hand-switch and foot-switch controls are available, providing flexibility for the user. 
  • The suction apparatus is also equipped with casters for easy mobility and a foldable carrying handle for convenient storage. 
  • Other minor features includes a durable plastic panel design, Low noise operation, High negative pressure, Suitability for surgical procedures.


Liquid storage bottle2500mm × 2
Max vacuum≥ 09MPa(680mmHg)
Power supplyAC220V± 10%, 50Hz

Other specifications:

  • Warranty- Motor ( 6 months), no warranty on physical damage
  • Models and Brands available- Niscomed, Medura, Oxymed, ASI


  • Dimensions – 380 × 370 × 480mm
  • Weight – 19.5kg



1. How long should you use suction?

Adhering to proper guidelines for safe and effective suctioning is crucial when employing a suction apparatus. After inserting the catheter to the appropriate depth, initiate suctioning while gently retracting the catheter in a sweeping motion. It is vital to avoid excessive suctioning, and the recommended maximum suction time should not surpass 15 seconds to minimize potential complications.

After the suctioning process, ensure proper re-oxygenation of the patient to restore adequate oxygen levels. Always prioritize patient safety and comfort during the use of a suction apparatus.

2. How often can you perform suctioning on a patient?

The patient suctioning frequency depends on various factors, including the individual’s condition, the quantity of secretions, and their ability to clear the secretions independently. 

While there is no definitive consensus on the exact number of times, suctioning should be performed, a general guideline is to assess airway patency and consider suctioning at least every 8 hours. This helps ensure the adequate clearance of any excessive secretions and promotes optimal respiratory function. 

Healthcare professionals closely monitor the patient’s condition and adjust the suctioning frequency to maintain airway hygiene and prevent complications.

3. What are the types of suction procedures?

Different types of suction procedures are commonly used in healthcare settings:

  • Oral Suction: Clears secretions or fluids from the oral cavity using a suction catheter or oral suctioning device.
  • Nasal Suction: Clears the nasal passages of excess mucus or fluids through a nasal suction bulb or a specialized device.
  • Tracheal Suction: Removes secretions from the trachea and lungs by inserting a suction catheter into the tracheostomy or endotracheal tube.
  • Gastric Suction: Eliminates stomach contents through a nasogastric or gastrostomy tube to relieve gastric distention or remove excess fluids.

These suction procedures utilize suction apparatus or machines, such as rented suction machines, to remove secretions and fluids effectively.

4. What is the principle of suction devices?

Portable suction machines generate negative pressure, channelled through a special plastic connecting tube called a single-use catheter. The negative pressure creates a vacuum that pulls any blood, mucus, or similar secretions out of the throat.

5. Can you use a medical suction machine at home?

Yes, medical suction machines can be used at home. These devices are commonly utilized for various purposes, such as clearing airway secretions, managing tracheostomy care, and addressing other respiratory needs. They can accommodate individuals with specific medical conditions that require assistance removing excess fluids or secretions. 

However, it is essential to have proper training and guidance from healthcare professionals to ensure safe and effective use of the suction machine at home. You can get a suction machine for home use at Portea Medical Equipment.

6. In which geographical areas can I receive my suction machine delivery?

You can receive delivery of the suction machine in Bangalore, suction You can receive delivery of the suction machine in Bangalore, suction machine in Delhi, suction machine in Mumbai, suction machine in Hyderabad, and other top cities in India.You can choose to rent or purchase Suction Apparatus online from Niscomed, Medura, Oxymed, ASI through Portea Medical Equipment, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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