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A syringe pump is a small, positive-displacement pump used to gradually transfer precise volumes of fluid. Chemyx Fusion Series syringe pumps are all driven via a stepper motor. A lead screw, threaded through a pusher block, precisely turns the pump’s stepper motor. This causes the pusher block to move.



Pump status
GREEN for infusion in progress, ORANGE for Low and Medium priority, RED for High priority – Visibility at 4 meters minimum.

All alarms are expressed by means of light indicators, written words,
pictograms and sound beeps.
Syringes installation control
Syringe barrel clasp check, plunger head detection, anti-siphon system check, flange detection.
Infusion control
Occlusion pressure pre-alarm, occlusion pressure alarm, end of infusion
pre-alarm, end of infusion alarm, volume limit pre-alarm, volume limit
alarm, hard and soft flow rate limits, start infusion at pause end.
Device control
Disengaged driving mechanism alarm, low battery pre-alarm, discharged
battery alarm, battery capacity display in hours and minutes, unconfirmed
programming, technical malfunction alarm (auto-test, rotation), drive
system advance check, watchdog check, communication connection failure,
plug-head disengagement, auto-lock/lock code (on Keypad).


Dimensions: 135 X 345 X 170 mm (H/W/D)
Flow Rate Range 0.1 – 1200 mL/h, depending on the syringe capacity.
Bolus Direct bolus Rate 50 – 1200 mL/h (50 mL/h increment).
End infusion KVO adjustable from 0.1 to 5 mL/h, continuous infusion or stop.(V/T & VL)
Pause Programmable from 1 minute to 24 hours, increments from minute to minute.
Datalog event 1500 data log events in real-time.

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