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Breast Pump (Manual/Electric)


Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and personal journeys a mother could experience. There is no magical moment in this world than holding your precious newborn baby in your hands.

As a mother, you want to provide the best baby care & attention for your little one. Planning and researching tons of information on what could be best for your baby can end up as an endless task & often overwhelming.

Not knowing where to start or what to do can leave first-time mums to be in an utter state of confusion & dilemma. Worry not.

We believe in creating lasting priceless memories for both you and your baby.

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From nursing bras, breast pads & pregnancy stretch marks lotions for you to bedding/a crib, baby oils, shampoos, diapers, breast milk pumps (Manual/Electric), toys, etc for your little one, Portea offers a whole range of brilliant & trouble-free mother care mother-care and baby care products. Our specialized products also involve:

  1. Baby weighing scale
  2. Bottle sterilizers
  3. Pediatric pulse oximeters
  4. Infra-red thermometers
  5. Air purifier

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Portea’s online platform focuses on making each moment stress-free for our moms out there! 

Enjoy a smooth shopping experience with Portea, a one-stop-shop for all your maternity and baby products. All our products are 100% genuine and available at cost-effective rates. Just place an order and the products will be delivered at your home.

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