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what is postpartum?

Postpartum is referred to as the period after delivery and usually refers to the mother. It is generally 4-6 weeks after the baby’s birth, which has a higher risk of developing postpartum depression when the emotional health is not addressed. Postpartum is a life-changing period for any new mom, and their physical and mental health is crucial. The body needs to recover from the stress of pregnancy, labor and delivery, rest, and a good diet are the best post-delivery care plans for mom to take good care of the body.

what are the steps to be taken postpartum?

After the delivery of a baby, there are specific essential steps to be taken. They include basic medical checkups and emotional care. To elaborate, read on.

  • Scheduling a doctor’s visit before getting discharged from the hospital is the most primary step. This ensures that the mother’s overall health is fit and ready to resume her regular daily routine.
  • Create an appointment to discuss your concerns on emotional well-being, physical recovery and contraception plans. This will ensure that you are safe and travelling in the right direction to face life post-trauma.
  • It is pretty natural for anybody to experience anxiety, stress, frustration, inadequacy, fatigue and fear in the first few weeks after birth. Try meditation and mindful yoga for the best results. Spend some time on post-delivery care of emotional health with the help of an expert.
  • Opt for counselling for you and your partner to carry on with the anxieties of being a new parent. This will help in progressing with parenthood with adjustments and taking up new responsibilities. 
  • Take up a breastfeeding session if you are a new mom especially. This helps address minor problems like latching and help create a better bond between the baby and the mother.
  • Try learning some basic exercises to reduce the tummy and strengthen the body muscles, which have gone through a terrible trauma. 

how to address diet, exercise, breast care and constipation issues postpartum?

Diet, exercise, breast care and constipation are the most common problems for a new mommy after postpartum. 


Diet is the primary aspect of good health. A well-balanced diet post-delivery will emphasize fruits, vegetables, protein-rich dishes, and lean meat, which will help the baby’s growth through breast feeding. Always keep in mind to refrain from processed foods or high starch and sugary foods. Never rush into a diet to lose the pregnancy weight as your milk is your baby’s primary source of nutrition. Cut down alcohol if you are breastfeeding, and make it a point to have prenatal supplements.


Exercise is vital besides adjusting to motherhood after two weeks of rest and recovery. It is advised to be kick-started with a mild exercise with easy moves. Gradually as you become used to it, you can increase the intensity. But if it is a C section, do not perform any strenuous exercise regime for at least six weeks post-delivery. Seek the physician’s advice and then plan accordingly. 

Breast Care

For new moms, nursing or breastfeeding may be painful due to tenderness of the breast. In addition, there will be a tingling sensation on the breast and nipples as the milk secretes in the milk duct, indicating that you should be feeding your baby. However, you will get used to it within a few days and always make sure to have the nipples clean without any moisture or plastic liners for the welfare of the newborn. The nipples will grow sore, cracked, and bleeding most of 

the time, but they settle down when allowed to air dry after proper cleansing techniques. 

Experiment with different nursing positions and prefer the one that works the best for you. Make sure the areola is covered with the baby’s mouth to ensure good latching. Use pillows or cushions for support. It is highly advised to wear a good bra when the breasts are engorged due to feeding. Leaking breasts and elevated body temperature are prevalent symptoms in new moms. 


The bowel movements go through a drastic change, and it is essential to consume more fluids and a high-fibre diet to normalize it. Sometimes in severe constipation scenarios, the physician might recommend a stool softener to reduce pain. But it is always best to naturally resolve the problem with a proper diet. 

how can portea help?

Portea is an online service by mother care India to care for new mothers who require care, attention and guidance for their recovery. The postpartum care program devised by Portea is known as the Kanga and Roo program. Under this, we offer a medically trained caregiver for the new mom and proper post-delivery care. After the discharge, anybody can opt for this plan, including a doctor visit during the first month, lactation support, nutrition and dietetics, and counselling for mental health. Portea assures that all our post-delivery care professionals are completely equipped with good knowledge on postpartum and care. The unique feature of postpartum care offered by Portea is:

  • We train all the post-natal caregivers and only then assign them.
  • We have daycare plans for both the mom and baby with an exclusive aya for baby care operational 24/7.
  • We hand-pick the aya for after delivery care and give proper training to care for both mother and the baby under all circumstances.
  • Portea postpartum services are affordable and reliable.
  • We ensure that all our caregivers are mothers and have sufficient experience to handle babies.

frequently asked questions

Q- What does postpartum care include? 

A- Postpartum care involves a number of activities that are aimed at promoting the health as well as the well-being of new mothers. It includes addressing both the physical and mental concerns of the mothers. It focuses on preventing infection, bladder distention, and excessive bleeding. It also involves the management of C-section wounds, vaginal tears, urination problems, sore breasts, and hair loss. It also includes the management of mood swings, anxiety, sadness, and irritability. Postpartum care for mother even encompasses exercise, diet, and proper rest during the postpartum period.

Q- What is the purpose of postpartum care?

A- The main purpose of postpartum care is to promote and maintain the health as well as the well-being of the new mother and the newborn. It ensures that the mothers feel supported and all their physical and mental needs are met.

Q- What should you not do after postpartum?

A- After postpartum, climbing stairs, light housework, and walking are safe. However, make sure to avoid lifting heavy objects. Also, avoid putting anything into the vagina. Going underwater must also be avoided. 

Q- Can I avail of Portea’s postpartum care services on short notice?

A- Yes, you can avail of the postpartum care services of Portea on short notice. However, you need to avail of the service at least 2 to 4 hours before you need the service. On the basis of the availability of the nurses, we will assign the right nurse for you. 

Q- What is the cost of hiring Portea’s postpartum care services?

A- The cost of postpartum care services of Portea differs from person to person. It will depend on the specific services you opt for. At Portea, we provide custom services as per the specific needs of patients. 

Q- What services are included in Portea’s postpartum care service? 

A- The postpartum care services of Portea include a wide range of services. It includes proper diet, exercise, breast care, and baby care services. We provide all the necessary physical and mental care services to new mothers as well as newborns. We ensure the physical as well as mental well-being of the mothers after the delivery of their children. 

Content is medically reviewed by: Dr Renu Raina Sehgal (Advisory Panel, Portea), Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Robotic Surgery

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