difference between the nursing attendant and registered nurse

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what is nursing service?

Nursing is one amongst the most impactful line of work in healthcare that offers experts the chance to make a real difference in other people’s lives. The range of career and educational alternatives available today in this particular field lets a person pursue the path that fascinates them the most. Two major choices include becoming a nursing assistant [NA] or a registered nurse [RN]. 

There are numerous differences between a NA and an RN program, although both can help individuals get jobs in the field of nursing and provide the chance to be successful in environments like retirement homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing facilities. 

basic differences in nursing attendant and registered nurse

Both nurses and medical assistants can offer fundamental patient care. This may involve assisting the patients with day-to-day activities such as wound care, feeding, hygiene, or offering patients a tidy environment by disinfecting the area or changing their bed linens. 

Patient care can involve preparing the patient for diagnostic procedures, acquiring patient histories, offering basic patient education, or handing out medication. But, nursing attendants can only offer care when a doctor particularly instructs them, whilst nurses possess the training to create patient care plans.

RN overview

In order to become a registered nurse, one has to have a 2-year or 4-year degree from a certified university. The curriculum is based on science and often incorporates courses in physiology, anatomy, microbiology, psychology, nutrition and chemistry. 4-year programs provide extra courses in communication, social sciences, and leadership.  After completing their degree, the individual has to pass an exam to get their license. 

career types for registered nurse

Public health nurse

They endorse and educate huge portions of the public on health initiatives like the prevention of heart disease and smoking cessation. They might provide screenings for diseases like skin cancer too. 

Cardiovascular nurse

These nurses specialize in various facets of heart fitness, care and disease. 

na overview

When compared with an RN, the job scope of a nursing attendant differs. Registered nurses in general are independent enough to perform their jobs, whilst nursing attendants are just assistants to them and several other medical providers. Nursing attendants have restricted scope and they often work under supervision, however, they ease the workload off the shoulders of other people, thereby facilitating better complete patient care.

In order to become a nursing assistant, an applicant has to have a high school degree or something equivalent and sign up for a nursing attendant program. The programs are offered at vocational schools and community colleges. The curriculum will incorporate nursing coursework and clinical work in a facility. Aspiring students complete their training after graduation. 

career types for nursing attendant

A nursing assistant in a hospital

A medical assistant takes critical signs, aids registered nurses with mobility exercises, relocates patients with restricted mobility to wheelchairs or beds, and keeps the doctors and registered nurses informed of the variations in the health of a patient. 

In-home nursing assistant

A home health nurse offers assistance with dressing, mobility, bathing, and preserving a healthy environment.

duties and responsibilities

Once the RN get their degree & license, they can work in various healthcare institutions like community clinics, emergency clinics and hospitals. Their job entails coordinating patient care, tutoring patients about health problems, and advocating for and supporting patients and their relatives. They often make use of their communication and organization skills to work with a squad of medical experts. 

The nursing attendant graduates will become nursing aides and offer care for a patient in a hospital setup and any long-term care facility. They assist patients with day-to-day activities like bathing, eating and moving around. They are the direct caretakers in several facilities like retirement homes and home nursing and they see the patient several times every day. 

how to determine if you need a nursing attendant or registered nurse’s help?

A Nursing assistant or nurse aide offers essential patient care and may carry out administrative tasks, like answering phone calls and scheduling appointments. But, they are expected to work under the supervision of a registered nurse or a medical doctor. 

Registered nurses work using their own licenses. This facilitates them to carry out a wider variety of duties compared to nursing assistants. Besides offering essential patient care, registered nurses can carry out procedures like commencing intravenous lines and giving advanced medications such as chemotherapy. Registered nurses may specialize in areas such as labour and delivery or oncology too. 

You can choose a nursing assistant or a registered nurse based on the type of assistance you require. 

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