Patient Experiences

Yasita Berry
Hospital Details
Hospital Name: Medanta Hospital Gurgaon
Doctor: --
Portea Treatment Details
Started on: 27/03/2019
End on: 13/05/2019
Portea Offered: Nursing for Critical care
Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: Drowsy, on minimum oxygen support, Completely Bed ridden, on Ryle’s tube feeds & Foley’s catheter.
Clinical Outcome: Fully conscious, off oxygen support, Mobilization from bed started at home, responded well to the prescribed treatment & care. Patient recovered positively and since the time of on-boarding no fresh complaints noted.

Giving The Happy Life A Child Deserves

This 15 yrs. female patient had sudden onset of seizures and respiratory distress. Reported to near by hospital and after primary treatment she was shifted to Medanta Hospital Gurgaon. She was diagnosed with brain hemorrhage and treated accordingly. Post medical stabilization at hospital further she advised for home healthcare services till complete recovery which started prior to discharge from hospital itself to understand the needs and care plan. Portea provided pediatric critical care nursing with specialist neuro physiotherapy for almost 45 days and helped the patient and the family in speedy recovery without any complications within the comfort of their home. At present the patient is completely fine and back to routine life.

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