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Mr Kumar
Hospital Details
Hospital Name: Multi Specialty Hospital, Bengaluru
Doctor: --
Portea Treatment Details
Started on: 10/04/2021
End on: 13/04/2021
Portea Offered: Nursing for Critical care
Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: "Post 21 days, second cycle of chemotherapy taken at Home 2nd Cycle plan: Cisplatin and 5FU Infusion for 3 days Vitals stable and asymptomatic, K/C/O – Diabetes Mellitus – Followed Insulin sliding scale Oncologist planned for palliative chemotherapy with 5FU & Cisplatin once in 3 weeks for 6 cycles Successfully undergone first cycle at this hospital."
Clinical Outcome: "Undergone Three days Chemotherapy cycle – RBS (Random Blood Sugar) was Maintained as per the insulin sliding scale Vitals stable and asymptomatic Cycle was uneventful patient tolerated well with no side effects noted "

Case of Lung Cancer

This 63 year old, male patient, hailing from Bangladesh, a case of lung cancer with mets, was admitted in this multi-specialty hospital in Bengaluru, for a palliative chemotherapy of 3 weeks for 6 cycles. Undergone 2 cycles already in the hospital but due to the covid-19 lockdown situation was unable to return. With proper acknowledgment from the primary oncologist and protocols, patient was given the chemotherapy cycle at home. The cycle was uneventful and the patient tolerated well with no side effects noted.

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