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Mr Varadaraju
Hospital Details
Hospital Name: Multi Specialty Hospital, Bengaluru
Doctor: --
Portea Treatment Details
Started on: 13/05/2021
End on: 13/07/2021
Portea Offered: Nursing for Critical care
Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: Conscious, Bed Ridden, GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) – 10, Ryle’s tube and Foleys catheter. Ventilator support SIMV (Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation) Mode FiO2 – 40%, PEEP- 6, O2-5 LIT/ MIN
Clinical Outcome: GCS improved from 10 to 15, Weaned off & Tracheostomy closure has been done, Activities of Daily Living & Mobility with minimal support

Having Viral Pneumonia with Severe ARDS, CKD

This 63 year old, male patient was diagnosed of having viral pneumonia with severe ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome), CKD (Chronic kidney disease) and was admitted in this multi-specialty hospital in Bengaluru. Post medical stabilisation at hospital, the team of doctors recommended home healthcare services to avoid hospital acquired infection and prolonged hospital stay. Portea provided a full blown ICU setup at home with efficient nursing and supportive care. With the help of continuous monitoring and care of patients, she is self-dependent with minimal support and back to normal life with tracheostomy closed.

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