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Physiotherapy is not just the best form of therapy for recovery after accidents or trauma, but also a way of life that can increase your stamina and help you build a healthier body and a calmer state of mind.

Physiotherapy could be region or area specific on your body, or it could involve the movement and exercise of your whole being. It helps you stay fit, makes you appear younger and also leads to a better lifestyle that is definitely better than a sedentary one.

As with any lifestyle or trend, physiotherapy also evolves continuously. New treatments and innovations in the science of physiotherapy are being made even as you read this article.

emphasis on movement:

The emphasis on movement is actually the main standpoint of physiotherapy today. Each muscle in your body needs to be exercised regularly if you expect the whole body to stay fit.

It is also important to make profitable and regular movements in order to maximize:

  • Body flexibility
  • Agility
  • Core Strength
  • Muscular strength

Instead of looking at physiotherapy only as a means to gain back your health after an injury or accident, you should focus more on incorporating into your life anyway. The long-term as well as short-term benefits would be tremendous.

Physiotherapy is a form of treatment and has to be performed in a scientific manner. Do not attempt to go about it individually or on your own just for the sake of it. Since there are methods and timings for each specific physiotherapeutic movement, you require the help of a professional or an expert in this case.
Physiotherapy is not just exercise simply for the sake of it. It involves a lot of background study and knowledge that you may or may not possess. The presence of an expert makes it easier to stick to your goals as well. Also, the validation and regular encouragements or reinforcements received from the trainer or expert are crucial to the continuation of such a program.

latest technologies:

Some of the latest trends, which are also some of the most innovative ones in the science of physiology, are as given below:


Exogen (exoskeleton generation) is a cutting-edge technological innovation that helps in mobilizing your joints by correcting your joint rigidity. Developed by LILA-Movementechnology, a Malaysian sports tech company, Exogen is a form of wearable resistance that adds a load to the chosen body part, changes its movement mechanics and improves strength.

Aquatic Therapy :

The benefits of water-based therapy are surprisingly vast and long-lasting. Immersion of your joints in water is not just relaxing, but also offers resistance. This helps in increasing the range of motion, strengthening weak muscles, and reducing muscular rigidity. Aquatic therapy is especially beneficial for patients with arthritis, nerve damage, and spinal problems.


Lokomat is a robotics-assisted therapy for movement training. In this, the user is suspended over a treadmill in a robotic frame that moves their legs. With a computer-controlled walking pace that puts no pressure on the user’s legs, it helps patients affected by spinal or brain injury, cerebral palsy, and even a stroke.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality-based physiotherapy works on the same principles of gaming- it is stimulating and more efficient. Instead of walking in a boring and uninspiring clinic environment, the user can walk on an outdoor hike of their choice. To make this more challenging, virtual reality also allows the patient to finish challenges and compare their daily performance.

The Esko Suit:

It is specially designed for those who are required to use wheelchairs. It helps such patients get out on their own feet and mainly prevent lower body muscle deterioration.

The added advantage of the Esko suit is that it is made of titanium and platinum and can be attached to the injured portion of the patient’s body, so as to help them move around as they wish.

The only problem faced by the users of the Esko suit involves its cost and price range. It is out of the range of the general masses and is currently being used in only the 15 top most rehabilitation centers in the USA.

Rehabilitation Robots:

The ATPA (American Physical Therapy Association) have come up with new age robots who are better termed as Rehabilitation Robots.

The basic aim here is to train and program these robots to detect post-stroke impairments that will help pinpoint the exact reason of the ailment and help enhance the therapy itself. Research conducted on the working and usefulness of these new age robots showed that the patients who continued treatment with the use of these robots, gained faster limb and torso movements and an increased rate of recovery than those who did not use these robots. The research scientists and inventors of the rehabilitation robots themselves validate their use and functioning.

functional exercises:

It is very important that people opting for physiotherapy realize that it is not only about alternative hot and cold massages or simple limb movements.

No, physiotherapy involves complete utilization, exercising, and training of the core as well as simple regular muscles for better functionality and usage. Unless you regularly use and exercise the muscles of your body, how do you expect them to remain in perfect condition forever, anywhere and everywhere.

Physiotherapy helps you to not just improve muscular health and fitness but also:

  • Prevent future injuries
  • Improve immunity
  • Improve blood flow
  • Improve rejuvenation of WBCs

To summarize, repetitive movements, with personalized and scientifically programmed treatments is what physiotherapy provides you. It is important for us to break the barrier of myths circulated and heard by others and to advance in our own lives with a little more exercise and physiotherapy in them.

Except for treating physiotherapy merely as a form of treatments and therapy, it should be seen as a better form of lifestyle that can actually take us several steps ahead towards a healthier and more secure future.

With innovations and treatments coming up in the science of physiotherapy, it has become even more vital for us to include some of it in our lives and benefit from them as well.

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