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nine best natural sources of biotin you should include in your diet

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Almonds top our list as the best natural sources of Biotin! Almonds are rich in the vitamin B, crucial for strong nails and hair. Almonds also help lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels. So, go straight to the store and get hold of a pack of nice and nutritious almonds. Most importantly, make it a habit of consuming a few every morning.


Peanuts are an excellent source of biotin and help keep your nails stronger and hair longer! It also helps reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, gallbladder disease, and diabetes. If you don’t want to intake nuts, consume them in the form of peanut butter, and enjoy every bite!


Tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods the planet has graciously blessed us with. Not only are they rich in Biotin, but also comprise a high content of Vitamin C, K, and potassium.  Dutifully consume tomatoes as salads while having dinner or just munch on them instead of snacks. Tomatoes strengthen your immune system, bone health, skin, and hair health, prevent kidney and gall bladder stones.


Carrots are not only a great source of Vitamin-A, as is globally known, but also contain a good amount of Biotin! Next time you go vegetable shopping, make a healthier choice and grab some carrots. There is a multitude of benefits of consuming tomatoes including- glowing skin, sun protection, anti-aging benefits, preventing cancer, improving digestion etc.


Who doesn’t like spinach, even if the reason behind has more to do with Popeye the Sailor Man than the taste? Well, here’s another reason for you to never push the spinach plate away again- it contains a good amount of Biotin, amongst other vitamins like Vitamin E, folic acid, etc. It has a good amount of iron as well to keep your muscles happy.


Egg yolks are an excellent source of biotin. So why not have soft-boiled egg or poached egg or omelet or sunny-side-up or whichever way you fancy your eggs? As long as you are rendering Biotin to your system, you are making a better choice. And what’s the best option for breakfast than eggs?

sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are what you should exchange with your unhealthy snack choices. They aren’t just rich in Biotin; they have an excellent overall nutrient content. You don’t even have to consume a fistful of sunflower seeds, just a little more than a pinch and you get all the required vitamins.


Bananas are lovely! Not only do they have a good Biotin content, they are enviously rich in so many more vitamins and minerals- Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin-A, C, you name it! There’s no reason why you should not make bananas a part of your diet. There’s every reason why you should, though. So, go for bananas!


Cauliflower has great biotin content and a good amount of other health promoting compounds such as manganese, potassium, folate, fiber, magnesium and vitamin K. From boosting your brain health to help fighting cancer, this nonstarchy vegetable can help you overcome many health problems.

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Dr. Rajprabha Patra

Dr.Rajprabha Patra practiced as a Dental Surgeon for 5 years before making a switch into the business domain with an MBA from ISB. As the Product Manager for Counselling Services at Portea, she aims to make a difference in the way mental health is perceived in India.


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