body fluid culture (except csf) Test

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what are body fluids?

Body fluids are generally defined as the fluids that are present within the body of a person. They make up close to 60% of the body's liquids, and there are different types of body fluids that are present in the human body. The body fluid culture test is one that is performed on the various fluids in the body, excluding the CSF or the Cerebrospinal Fluid.

The role of the test is to help detect, isolate, identify any other pathogenic microorganisms present in the body. It can also be done on other types of body fluids because they give a better idea of the kind of disease or disorders present in certain parts of the body.


what does the test involve?

The two main body fluid compartments include the intracell fluid and the extracellular fluid compartments. The body fluid culture includes taking samples from different body fluid cells such as semen, sweat, urine, blood etc. and then carrying out these tests in a laboratory. This test helps in identifying the different types of organisms, and while antibiotic susceptibility tests are performed, they help in selecting the correct antibiotics that can be used for treatment.

After collecting a sample, there are different lab tests which are performed - including chemical tests, genetic tests, microscopic tests and diseases that help in identifying any infectious diseases as well.


why is the test important?

The body fluids distribution can be determined with the help of this. However, the primary reason for this test is to help detect as well as identify pathogenic organisms that are generally anaerobic and are present in the body's fluid.


what are the reasons to take the body fluid culture test?

Except for the CSF, the body fluid culture test is an important one that a patient can take to determine the type of diseases present in their bodies. These micro-organisms are very prevalent in the sterile fluids of the body, and many of these have the potential to cause serious diseases.

The reason that a lot of people take the body fluid culture test is to check if they suffer from diseases and disorders pertaining to the adrenaline gland, kidneys, sex hormonal imbalances in addition to hypopituitarism. Even if there is an unusual level of androgens, this test can be taken to figure out how potent they can be.


what sort of preparations are required?

There are no specific preparations that are required to be had before the test. There are certain medicines that can interfere with the overall results of the test. It is always better to talk to the doctor to check the medicines that you're taking.

Excluding the cerebrospinal fluid, an aseptically aspirated body fluid is generally extracted from the body - generally from a normally sterile site.


what can be determined with these tests?

The tests can help in isolating and identifying the pattern of growth, the colour of the certain organism growth area. It will help in representing the types of bacteria growing in the body.


how can we help?

The tests can produce results within 24 to 36 hours of the samples being taken. We at Portea conduct all tests with the best technicians who will be able to ensure that the best results are produced at all times. The tests are all conducted under controlled environments.

We also ensure that our patients can get all the help they need to deal with certain diseases or disorders that are bothering them. You can get the best equipment and doctors who will ensure that you're well taken care of once you apply.