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what is haemogram?

Haemogram also referred to as complete blood count or complete haemogram test is a group of test performed on a sample of blood. Haemogram serves as broad screening panel that checks for the presence of any diseases and infections in the body. Haemogram tests mainly the three components of the blood namely Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets. 

The tests performed under these three categories include a wide array of test namely; Total WBC Count (TLC), Total red blood count (RBC), Haemoglobin (HGB). Haematocrit (HCT), Mean Cell Volume (MCV), Mean Cell Haemoglobin (MCH), Mean Cell Haemoglobin Concentration (MCHC), platelets count, RDW-SD (RBC Distribution Width-Standard Deviation), Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils, PCV (Packed Cell Volume), P/S (Peripheral Smear) Examination, , RDW-CV (RBC Distribution Width-Coefficient Of Variation), PDW (Platelet Distribution Width), MPV (Mean Platelet Volume), P-LCR (Platelet Large Cell Ratio), PCT (Platelet Crit), Absolute Neutrophils Count, Absolute Lymphocytes Count, Absolute Monocytes Count, Absolute Eosinophils Count, Absolute Basophils Count, And ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate).

The main advantage of Haemogram test is that it detects the slightest of abnormality present in the bloodstream and offers crucial information regarding the medical cause.

complete haemogram test preparation

The haemogram test requires no special preparation and is conducted on a sample of blood. There are few factors that can alter the test results and so should be notified to the doctor. These factors are as follows;

  • Certain medications like diuretics, antibiotics, steroids, etc
  • Pregnancy
  • Certain kind of allergies
  • High Triglyceride level
  • Smoking, stress, vigorous exercise

haemogram test procedure

The complete haemogram test is done using automatic test machines and requires a blood sample.

haemogram normal values

The Haemogram test includes a wide number of tests and the normal values of all the test are as follows;

  • The normal values for Hb test is 14–17.5 g/dL (males), 12.3–15.3 g/dL (females)
  • The normal values for RBC count is 4.5–5.9 x 106 (males), 4.5–5.1 x 106 (females)
  • The normal values for TLC for both the genders and across all age groups is 4.5-11.0 x 109 /L
  • Neutrophils is 56%
  • Eosinophils is 2.7%
  • Lymphocytes is 34%
  • Monocytes is 4%
  • ESR is 0–20 mm/hr
  • MCV is 80–96 µm
  • MCH is 27.5–33.2 pg
  • MCHC is 32%–36%
  • PCV 36%–47%
  • Platelet count is 150–450 x 103 /µl
  • RDW-SD is 39–46 fL
  • RDW-CV is 11.6%–15%
  • PDW is 8.3–25.0 fL
  • MPV is 8.6–15.5 fL
  • P-LCR is 11.9%–66.9%
  • PCT is 0.15%–.62%
  • Absolute neutrophils count is 1800–7800 /µl
  • Absolute lymphocytes count is 1000–4800 /µl
  • Absolute monocytes count is 0–800 /µl
  • Absolute basophils count is 0–200 /µl
  • Absolute eosinophils count is 0–450 /µl

haemogram test cost

The Haemogram Test Cost is depended upon various factors like city, quality and availability. Nevertheless, the Haemogram Test Cost is pretty low and is easily affordable by a large segment of the society.

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