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what are neutrophils and what is their work?

The blood cells in our body are mostly of two types: red blood cells and white blood cells. The white blood cells are primarily responsible for building up the immunity in your body. They protect our body from deadly diseases and infections. Neutrophils are one of the five types of white blood cells present in our body. In fact, they are most in number. The most plentiful percentage of the white blood cells, almost 55 per cent to 70 per cent, are contributed by the neutrophils. 

The work of neutrophils, of course, is primarily building up the immune system against the various antigens that pose a threat to our body when they enter it. The immune system consists of tissues organs and cells. Your reason for falling sick at most of the times is harmful foreign bodies entering into your body. These are known as antigens. The most common antigens are listed below: 

• Fungi

• Virus

• Bacteria

• Protozoa

• Cancer cells

The neutrophils produce chemicals that fight against these antigens protecting the body from harmful diseases caused by these antigens. They are not limited to a specific region of circulation. Rather, they can move freely through the veins to attack the antigens in any part of the body.

what is an absolute neutrophil count test or anc?

Absolute Neutrophil Count or ANC is a blood test performed on an individual to measure the total neutrophil count in their body to detect if that is above or below the normal count. This test can be used to detect the different organisms present in blood and to determine whether the immune system of the body is working properly.

why should you take the absolute neutrophil count test?

The absolute neutrophil count test is usually recommended by the doctor to observe one or more of the following:

• to help diagnose a condition

• if you are suffering from some disease, it is done to check the recovery status of the disease and thereby monitor it

• to screen out a number of possibilities that might occur to him

If the ANC count is found to be below normal or above normal, you would have to take the test at regular intervals for monitoring the subsequent change in the count.

what is the cost of anc test?

The cost of an ANC test approximately varies from Rs. 800 to Rs.1000. Absolute Neutrophil Count ( ANC ) prices vary from one pathological lab to another. However, the Absolute Neutrophil Count ( ANC ) cost is usually not too exorbitant and is easily affordable. The Absolute Neutrophil Count Test cost offered at home also differ from traditional pathological labs. Portea™ provides this test at a price of Rs 120*.

what should be your anc normal count?

On an average, the normal value of ANC in your body should range from 1500 to 8000 cells per microlitre of blood for both men and women, and irrespective of the age group they belong to.

when should you get tested?

You should ideally go for a whole blood cell count test once you notice certain symptoms in your body and the absolute neutrophil test is certainly one of them. The symptoms that indicate something wrong in your body are listed below:

• Excessive weakness

• Easy fatigue or tiredness

• Abnormal Fever

• Sudden Weight loss

• Night swells

• Chills

• Pain in the belly or fullness in the belly

how should you prepare for the absolute neutrophil count test?

There are no special preparations required as such for the Absolute Lymphocyte Count test. However, if you are on some medicine or drug, it is always advisable for you to consult your doctor before you take the test. Some drugs do interfere with the normal count of lymphocytes in your body, and your doctor will, of course, be the best person to guide you in this regard.

how is the absolute neutrophil test administered?

The test is administered by the usual method of collecting a blood sample from some vein, mostly in the arm. Approximately, 500 ml of blood is collected in a tube which contains an anticoagulant, mostly EDTA.

what can affect your result abnormally?

The following conditions might affect the result of your test negatively:

• Pregnancy

• A recent surgery

• A recent Infection

• Chemotherapy

• Cortico-steroid therapy

• Radiation therapy

• Anxiety


what causes neutrophilia?

A condition in which the percentage of neutrophils is abnormally high in blood is referred to as neutrophilia. This is usually caused by some kind of infection in the body, mostly bacterial. Some more causes that can lead to neutrophilia are as follow:

• Injury

• Surgery

• Smoking cigarettes or tobacco

• High-stress level or anxiety

• Excessive exercise

• Use of steroid

• Sudden cardiac arrest

• Chronic leukaemia

what causes neutropenia?

A condition in which the percentage of neutrophils is abnormally low in blood is referred to as neutropenia. The following factors are often responsible for a low neutrophil count in the body:

• Bone marrow failure

• Suppressed Immune System

Hepatitis A, B or C

• Certain drugs


• Autoimmune diseases

• Congenital disorders

• Febrile Neutropenia

• Aplastic anaemia

how can we help?

We as a team believe in healing at home. We would visit your home to collect blood samples, get the test done and arrange for highly qualified doctors right at your doorstep. We can ensure that you receive the best quality Healthcare Services right at home.


The Absolute Neutrophil Count test is thus administered by collecting a blood sample under clinical settings to monitor the neutrophil count in blood. This is done to ensure if the immunity of the body is proper and the body is free from harmful infections.