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what is herpes simplex virus (hsv 1&2) igg/igm?

Herpes simplex virus or HSV (family Herpesviridae) is a transmittable and infectious virus usually triggered by two strains of the herpes simplex virus, type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2).

HSV-1 normally affects the mouth and lips in the form of cold sores, whereas HSV-2 is more common and usually perceptible in the genital and anal area.

HSV is highly contagious and infectious and is transmitted through contact with an infected person. It could also be spread via direct contact with sores or occasionally by contact with the oral and genital areas of people with chronic HSV infection.

Contamination with the herpes virus is classified by clearly distinguished disorders based on where the infection is like; the infection of the face, throat, and mouth, hands, eye, the central nervous system, brain, buttocks or anal area and the genitals.

Resurrection of a latent oral or genital HSV contamination could be set off by fever, menstruation, emotional stress, or suppression of the immune system (for example, by a drug taken to prevent rejection of an organ transplant). 

An episode of the HSV infection could break out after physical trauma, like a dental procedure or overexposure of the lips to sunlight. Often, the set off is unknown. Once infected, the virus remains in the body for life and can keep recurring.

what is herpes simplex virus test?

Herpes Simplex Virus test is basically a blood test designed for the screening of genital herpes infection among those having genital sores or encephalitis. This test is also administered to newborns suspected of being infected with neonatal herpes.

Although rare, it is a serious condition where the baby contracts herpes during vaginal birth. Person suffering from STD’s are also asked to undergo genital herpes test. The herpes simplex virus test is also recommended when a person showcases the following symptoms;

  • Fever
  • Chronic headache
  • Neck stiffness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Change in mental condition 
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Itching or tingling sensations in the genital and/or anal area
  • Blisters that burst causing painful sores
  • Pain when passing urine, especially women

cost of the herpes simplex virus test

The genital herpes test cost varies from region to region and is depended upon the lab. However, the test cost is pretty economical and is easily affordable.

why do i need herpes simplex virus test?

The Herpes Virus test is needed in the following conditions:

  • To figure out the reason behind the sores around the mouth and/or in the genital area.
  • To check if the sexual partner of a person with genital herpes is also infected with HSV
  • For the diagnosis of neonatal herpes in newborns, whose mums are infected with genital herpes

what other tests might i have along with herpes simplex virus test?

If you have been diagnosed with an active herpes infection then your doctor might give you a physical examination of the sores and might collect sample from the sores for further culture test in a lab.

how is herpes simplex virus test done?

Herpes simplex virus testing helps in screening the presence of the HSV virus in a sample collected from a blister or sore or fluid for the diagnosis of acute herpes infection or detecting previous infection of herpes.

The herpes simplex virus test is done by drawing out a blood sample from the vein of your hand by means of an injection.

when do you expect results?

24 to 36 Hours

does herpes simplex virus post any risk?

The herpes simplex virus test is a simple blood test, so aside from the minor light – headedness, excessive bleeding (very rare) and a little sore there’s not much to worry about.

preparations needed for hsv test

Preparatory instructions before the test *:

  • No Fasting Required
  • No other special preparations required

sample required?

Specimen type: Serum (Blood Sample), 

Specimen collection procedure: Venipuncture - Collection of blood from a vein, usually from the arm.

what do my hsv test results mean?

The test results vary from person to person depending upon their age, gender and heredity. And if a person have tested positive for the presence of HSV, then it means the person has an active herpes infection with no symptoms or it can also indicate to past infections of HSV and further culture tests might be asked by the doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

A negative antibody results indicate that the person has not been exposed to HSV or it could also be indicative of the fact that the HSV antibodies are yet to be produced but, it does not rule out the presence of HSV. 

what might affect my test results?

Basically nothing much but, you do need to inform your doctor if you are using any prescription drugs, herbs, vitamins and other supplements or any illegal drugs.

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Understanding results ofHerpes Simplex Virus (HSV 1&2) IgG/IgM

Reference RangeInterpretation
HSV1 IgG: < 0.8 Ratio IgM: < 0.8 Ratio HSV2 IgG: < 0.8 Ratio IgM: < 0.8 Ratio HSV1 + HSV2 Negative

‘*A Reference range is a set of values which helps the healthcare professional to interpret a medical test. It may vary with age, gender, and other factors. Reference ranges may also vary between labs, in value & units depending on instruments used and method of establishment of reference ranges’