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Recording the electrical signals in the heart, an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a routine and painless test utilized for prompt identification of heart issues and continuous monitoring of cardiac health. Typically conducted in healthcare facilities like offices, clinics, or hospital rooms, 12 channel ECG machines are integral tools in operating rooms and ambulances. Additionally, certain personal devices like smartwatches provide ECG 12 Channel monitoring capabilities, and you can inquire with your healthcare provider about the suitability of this option for you.

We offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, physiotherapy, nursing home care, diagnostics and vaccination services. We are delighted to offer the dependable and affordable ECG machine such as Ecg – Channel 12 on rent and purchase. Engineered for user-friendliness and minimal upkeep. Rely on us for top-tier healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.

Indication of Usage: 

An ECG 12 Channel can help detect Arrhythmias, coronary heart diseases, Heart attacks, Cardiomyopathy.


The audience for ECG- 12 Channel are across specialities like Pulmonologist, ENT, Critical Care, and Neurologist.

Brands :

Brand available for ECG – Channel 1 are Contec, BPL, Philips 



Is it possible to perform an ECG at home?

Home-use ECG monitors or EKG monitors enable you to monitor your heart rhythm and rate, with some models also capable of measuring additional vital signs such as blood pressure. If you have specific heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, monitoring your heart rhythm at home may be crucial.

Is it possible for an ECG to identify heart blockages?

An ECG can indeed detect indications of blocked arteries. However, the precision of diagnosing blockages in areas farther from the heart diminishes with an ECG. Consequently, your cardiologist might suggest a non-invasive test, such as a carotid ultrasound, to examine the extremities or neck for potential blockages.

How is ECG measured?

During an ECG, 12 sensors (electrodes) are placed on the chest and limbs. These electrodes are adhesive patches with wires that connect to a monitor. They capture the electrical signals responsible for heart contractions. The recorded signals are transmitted to a computer, which displays them as waves on a monitor or prints them on paper. This graphical representation helps healthcare professionals analyze the heart’s electrical activity, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of various heart conditions.

What is a normal ECG value?

Typical ECG values for waves and intervals are as follows: RR interval (the time between two consecutive R waves): 0.6-1.2 seconds. P wave duration: 80 milliseconds. PR interval (the time from the beginning of the P wave to the beginning of the QRS complex): 120-200 milliseconds. These values provide a baseline for evaluating the heart’s electrical activity and help identify any abnormalities that may indicate cardiac issues or irregularities.

What are the three main components of an ECG?

The three main components of an ECG are the P wave, QRS complex, and ST segment. The P wave represents electrical activity in the upper heart chambers (atria). The QRS complex reflects electrical impulses moving through the lower heart chambers (ventricles). The ST segment indicates ventricular contraction with no electricity flow. These components provide valuable information about the heart’s electrical activity, helping healthcare professionals diagnose various heart conditions and abnormalities.

Where can I receive delivery of my ECG- channel 12 machine?

The ECG- channel 12 is available in Bangalore and can be accessed in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and various other tier 1 and tier 2 cities by searching for the ECG- channel 12 near me. You can rent or purchase a ECG- channel 12 online at the best prices through Portea Medical Equipment, ensuring it’s delivered right to your doorstep.

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