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Portea offers rental and sales of equipment catering to S9 AutoSet-dependent patients. We assist in selecting the ideal product and administration range to suit your needs.

Crafted for enhanced comfort, the S9 Autoset™ seamlessly provides the perfect blend of Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) alongside the soothing Easy-Breathe™ Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR), maintaining your upper airway’s integrity during sleep.

Enhanced with intelligent algorithms, the upgraded ResMed sleep treatment system ensures highly effective and precise therapy for utmost comfort. This unique algorithm maintains optimal air pressure by automatically adjusting throughout the night, ensuring the delivery of optimal treatment.

Experience tranquillity with the S9 Autoset, as it consistently delivers the accurate treatment you require, granting you peace of mind.


  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment
  • 24dbA Whisper Quiet operation
  • Modes of operations: CPAP & EPR / AutoSet & EPR
  • Ramp Time- 45 minutes/ in 5 min. increments
  • Automatic leakage compensation
  • Mask-Fit feature integrated
  • Compliance data on device / 365 nights / Efficacy data on card 30 nights/ SD Card high-resolution flow data – 7 nights
  • H5i Humidification system (optional)
  • Clinical Efficacy Data: Pressure, AHI, Leak, AI/HI/CAI
  • Data transfer: Wireless module / Oximetry / Wired Module
  • Indicated for the treatment of OSA Patients
  • Smart start feature, intelligent feedback, Mask Fit feature & user-friendly controls.


1. What is AutoSet mode on ResMed?

ResMed’s AutoSet mode adjusts therapy pressure based on individual needs, ensuring a comfortable experience. AutoSet Response enhances patient comfort by providing gradual pressure adjustments, which is ideal for those sensitive to high pressures. The integrated heated humidifier, controllable manually or through Climate Control, further enhances comfort during therapy.

2. What is the difference between CPAP and AutoSet mode?

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and AutoSet modes are used in treating sleep apnea but operate differently. CPAP delivers a constant, fixed pressure throughout the night to keep the airways open. AutoSet, on the other hand, automatically adjusts the pressure levels based on the patient’s breathing patterns, ensuring optimal comfort and effective treatment. Unlike CPAP, AutoSet responds to varying needs, providing gentler pressure changes. This adaptability makes AutoSet mode suitable for individuals with changing pressure requirements or high-pressure intolerance, offering a more tailored and comfortable therapy experience.

3. How long does ResMed S9 last?

The ResMed S9 CPAP typically requires a replacement when its noise becomes intolerable. Our services include repairing your device with a new motor. With regular filter changes, the motor is designed to endure approximately 24,000 hours of usage, equivalent to over 8 years of nightly operation for 8 hours per night.

4. Can I use ResMed S9 without water?

The primary cause of sleep apnea is the relaxation of muscles in the throat and tongue, leading to partial or complete airway blockage during sleep. This results in breathing interruptions and lowered oxygen levels, triggering the body to awaken to restore normal breathing briefly. Various factors contribute to muscle relaxation, including obesity, ageing, anatomical characteristics, and lifestyle choices like smoking and alcohol consumption. Sleep apnea can also be influenced by genetics and family history.

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