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Patient Experiences

Mrs. Shweta
Hospital Details
Hospital Name: Jaslok Hospital Mumbai
Doctor: --
Portea Treatment Details
Started on: 04/05/2019
End on: 12/06/2019
Portea Offered: Cancer care
Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: , Conscious, Partially Ambulatory ,Mild Psychosis, Ryles tube and Foleys catheter, Chemoport (TPN INFUSION )
Clinical Outcome: Patient expired peacefully at home after spending quality time with family. knowing the poor prognosis of the pre-existing disease & outcome of the home healthcare services.

End of life cancer care

54 yrs. female patient had cancer in her food pipe. Despite possible medical management with the help of oncosurgey, chemotherapy & radiation therapy there was progression of disease resulting in prolonged hospital stay & poor prognosis & outcomes of the medical management. The family decided to avail home healthcare services with Portea.
Proper counselling of the family in view of limited resources and man power,possible medical emergencies during the course of home healthcare services were explained to them before home on-boarding.
The patient spent quality time with family during the end stage of her life without much of the medical complications and finally expired peacefully at her home.


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