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Patient Experiences

Mrs. Premlatha
Hospital Details
Hospital Name: NH - BOMMASANDRA
Doctor: --
Portea Treatment Details
Started on: 14/01/2019
End on: 05/04/2019
Portea Offered: Post Traumatic Care
Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: Semi conscious, Ryle’s tube Feeding and Foley's catheter, Tracheostomy with portable ventilator support with oxygen 2 Lit/Min , Bed Sore – Grade 2.
Clinical Outcome: Fully conscious with weaned off from ventilator support. Tracheostomy closure with oral feeding & mobility with minimum assistance.

Post Traumatic Care

60 yrs. female patient had a massive RTA leading to multiple injuries to spine and both lungs resulting to critical illness & on ventilator support. Post medical management at hospital she advised for home healthcare services to avoid recurrent chest infections.
Portea provided full-blown ICU services at home during the initial phase of illness & then to step down services once she was off ventilator support. Pulmonary & musculosceletal rehabilitation played an important role in complete recovery. Patient responded well to the care plan & now she is living her life like a normal human being.


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