Patient Experiences

Ms Nagveni
Hospital Details
Hospital Name: Multi Specialty Hospital, Bengaluru
Doctor: --
Portea Treatment Details
Started on: 28/12/2020
End on: 21/04/2021
Portea Offered: 24 hours Critical Care Nursing support
Medical Condition at The Time Of Start: Tracheostomy and Jejunostomy Care, Oral care due to mouth ulcer, Ryle’s Tube for aspiration, Jejunal Feeding and was Bed ridden
Clinical Outcome: Patient has recovered, Tracheostomy closed, No oxygen support required and Ryle’s Tube removed. Patient can walk without assistance and is taking a liquid diet orally. Patient is now not experiencing nausea and vomiting and the mouth ulcer has also healed.

A Tracheostomy Patient’s Journey From Critical Condition to Recovery

This 67 year old, female patient admitted in this multi-specialty hospital in Bengaluru was diagnosed with a case of caustic injury due to consumption of acid and alkali substance. Post stabilization at the hospital, tracheostomy was done with feeding jejunostomy and the team of doctor’s recommended home healthcare for further care. Portea provided critical care Nursing and supportive care. With the help of continuous monitoring and care, now the patient is back to normal life with tracheostomy closed and self-dependent to tolerate the food orally.

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