top myths about elderly sleep patterns debunked

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myths about elderly sleep patterns

There are so many myths that have been formulated taking into consideration elderly sleep patterns. But are these myths true? Not every. People formulate myths to generate misinformation about the sleep patterns of aged people. From the elderly getting less sleep to exercising at night killing sleep, these myths are just endless. 

Although sleeping is quite necessary for the full functioning of the human body, some elders are not getting much sleep and some are sleeping more than usual. While there are many health concerns related to senior sleep patterns which are not true, there are ample myths about sleep issues in the elderly which are believed to be true. Let’s have a detailed read about the myths about elderly sleep patterns. 

what is a sleep pattern?

Do you know that a sleep pattern is also referred to as a sleep-wake pattern? Well, this is a biological rhythm that guides your body as and when it should sleep and when it should wake up. Sleep patterns by age are a body’s circadian rhythms and hence it typically follows a 24-hour cycle which helps to control the body’s schedule for waking and sleeping. 

top myths about elderly sleep patterns debunked

Myth: Older people need less sleep

Fact: There’s no relation between age and sleep. Every person belonging to any age group requires a healthy 8-hour sleep.

Humans indeed need at least 8-9 hours a day. This not just keeps them healthy but also helps their body to remain in full function. Although sleep patterns do indeed change with age this does not mean that people with older age need less sleep. 

As we grow older, the amount of sleep we get can be less but it generally does not mean that aged people need less sleep. Each body functions differently. However, older people might get less sleep, they walk frequently at night to figure out how to get to sleep but this does not mean that their need for sleep is less than that of young people.

Myth: Older people sleep during the daytime, which means that a person is not getting enough sleep at night

Fact: Daytime sleepiness does not mean that a person is not getting enough sleep at night

Well, excessive daytime sleepiness occurs when you do not get enough sleep at night but this is even possible when one gets a good sleep at night. This excessive sleepiness can be a sign of some underlying medical condition or sleep disorder. Sleep apnea can also be one condition that leads to excessive sleepiness.

Myth: Some aged people only need 5 or fewer hours of sleep

Fact: This is not true. Insufficient sleep can lead to metabolic issues

Well, 5 or fewer hours of sleep can disrupt bodily functionalities. This can even lead to metabolic issues, disrupts mental health, and also leads to immunological health issues. It is false that aged people need short sleep. It is recommended adults must get at least 8 hours of sleep which is recommended by doctors and health practitioners.

Myth: Aged people must not exercise at night as it disturbs sleep patterns

Fact: Exercising does not disrupt the sleep patterns for seniors

Well, the rationale that exercise before sleep will disrupt sleeping is false. As per some researchers, exercising before sleep time has not shown any kind of adverse effects on humans during the night time. However, it can be ultimately beneficial for people who exercise before sleeping. It opens up the muscles and gives a good and relaxing sleep at night.

Myth: You can catch disrupted or lost sleep on other nights of the week

Fact: This is false, it is quite important to have a consistent sleep routine every night

It is false that you can catch lost sleep on the other days of the week. This will not just worsen your sleep cycle but also lead to other complications in your body. Moreover, you can miss your sleep on a particular day due to some reasons but this does not mean that you can catch or make up for it another night of the week. 

If you do so, this would interrupt your daily routine of sleep, and hence it can even cause damage to your natural sleep cycle.

summing up

If you are suffering from insomnia or irregular sleep patterns in your old age, then probably you don’t have to worry about it. Portea will take care of you. We have professional experts who will analyze your problem and the reasons why you are not getting good sleep at night and after that help you with a suitable treatment.

As many people experience troubled sleeping and with their quality of sleep each night, experts at Portea will help you with it and give you a detailed solution for your problem.

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