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Introducing Portea – your comprehensive healthcare solution. We offer various services, including in-home nursing, doctor consultations, personalized physiotherapy, and attentive caregiving. Our dedicated team ensures your well-being from the comfort of your home. Partnered with BEYOND NISCOMED, we provide infusion pumps for rent or purchase. It offers precise fluid delivery, catering to various medical needs like nutrient administration, insulin therapy, antibiotics, and pain relief. Your health is our priority.


  • Max Negative Pressure 800mm Hg +/- 200mm Hg
  • Frequency 0.1 ML/HR — 1200 ML/HR
  • Dose 100ml/h — 1200ml/h
  • Temperature +5 — +40 DEGREE
  • Voltage 100V — 240V


1. What is the difference between an injection and an infusion pump?

The disparity between injections and infusion pumps lies in their administration methods. Injections involve continuously delivering medication or substances directly into the body, typically through a syringe. On the other hand, infusions can be administered continuously or intermittently, sometimes in controlled spurts, and are facilitated by infusion pumps. These pumps regulate the flow rate, ensuring accurate dosing. 

Additionally, infusions can be time-controlled, offering greater precision in medication or fluid delivery. Overall, the distinction highlights infusions’ versatility and controlled nature, which can be adapted to various medical needs, from constant therapy to specific timed dosages.

2. What is the function of an infusion pump?

An infusion pump is crucial in healthcare because it delivers fluids, nutrients, and medications into a patient’s body with exceptional accuracy. This precise administration is vital for effective treatment, as the controlled delivery mechanism ensures the exact distribution of essential substances.

3. What are the benefits of infusion?

Infusion offers several advantages in healthcare. An infusion pump ensures precise delivery of fluids, nutrients, and medications into the patient’s body, enhancing treatment effectiveness. The controlled mechanism guarantees the accurate distribution of vital substances, optimizing therapeutic outcomes. This method minimizes errors, tailors dosages, and enables consistent administration, ultimately promoting better patient care and recovery.

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