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  • Pump status Text display of current status, red alarm alert for warnings, KVO and Bolus indicator
  • All alarms are expressed using light indicators, written words and sound beeps
  • Infusion control Occlusion pressure alarm, end of infusion alarm, air bubble alarm, rate error alarm and empty bag alarm
  • Device control Door open alarm, low battery alarm, technical fault alarm


  • Pumping mechanism Linear peristaltic pumping system
  • Display Color LCD display (3.7 x 9.4 cm)
  • Dimensions / Weight (L/W/H) 122 x 135 x 232 mm (Not including Pole clamp), 2 kg
  • Battery 11.1 Vdc, 2000 mAh – Li-ion polymer batter


1. What is the use of an infusion pump at home?

Using an infusion pump at home is a valuable medical tool. It allows patients to receive controlled and accurate doses of fluids, medications, or nutrients in the comfort of their environment. This mainly benefits individuals requiring long-term treatments or therapies, such as chemotherapy, pain management, or nutritional support. Infusion pumps ensure consistent and safe administration, enabling patients to manage their health conditions effectively while maintaining their daily routines at home.

2. Is infusion done by drip or pump?

Infusion can be performed using either a drip or a pump. In the drip method, a bag of fluid or medication is connected to a cannula through a tube and hung on a stand higher than the patient’s head. Alternatively, the pump method involves using a device to control the precise fluid or medication delivery rate, ensuring accurate administration. Both approaches aim to provide the necessary substances to the patient in a controlled and regulated manner.

3. What mechanism is used in this infusion pump?

Infusion pumps like these utilize a linear peristaltic pumping system for their mechanism. This mechanism involves using a peristaltic action to push fluids through a flexible tube. The pump’s rollers compress the tubing, creating a wave-like motion that propels the fluid forward in a controlled and precise manner. This technology ensures accurate and consistent patient delivery of fluids, medications, or nutrients, optimizing medical treatments.

4. What are the benefits of infusion?

Infusion offers several advantages in healthcare. An infusion pump ensures precise delivery of fluids, nutrients, and medications into the patient’s body, enhancing treatment effectiveness. The controlled mechanism guarantees the accurate distribution of vital substances, optimizing therapeutic outcomes. This method minimizes errors, tailors dosages, and enables consistent administration, ultimately promoting better patient care and recovery.

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