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Syringe Identification, Bolus, Real-time Shift Totals, Occlusion Pressure Release, Mute, Automatic Power Switching, Residue Reminder, System Memory, Anti bolus system

Brand: Hemodiaz


Occlusion, Syringe Drop Off, Near Empty, End Program, Low Pressure, End Battery, AC Power Off, Motor Malfunction, Unattended Pump, Syringe Moved Accidentally, Pressure Sensor Error


Weight 2.5 kg
Types Infusion Pump, Push/Pull Pump, Continuous Flow, High Pressure
Syringe Size 10,20,30,50 ml
Accuracy +-2%
Features Digital, Portable, Automatic
Brand Dr. Diaz
Size 314x167x140 mm
Power Supply 110/230 VAC,50/60 Hz,20VA
Atmospheric Pressure 860-1060hpa
Working Temperature 5-40 degree C
Applicable Syringe 2 brands built-in (BD,B. Braun),10 brands for user-defined
KVO Rate 0.1-1 ml/h in 0.1 ml/h increments or decrements,adjustable
Occlusion Sensitivity High 0.02~0.06 Mpa,Medium 0.60~0.09 Mpa,Low 0.09~0.12 MPa
Battery 9.6V+-1.6V,Rechargeable
Battery Life 5 hours at the 5 ml/h

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