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Introducing the Syringe Pump SP-01 by NISCOMED, a cutting-edge healthcare solution for precise and reliable micro syringe pumping. Our syringe pump is designed to offer accurate and constant volume injection facilitated by a microprocessor-controlled precision stepper motor. Through mechanical driving devices, the piston rod of the syringe is driven with horizontal movement thrust, ensuring precise control over the injection rate of disposable syringes.

Portea is proud to offer the Syringe Pump SP-01 for rent or purchase, providing healthcare facilities and patients with a high-precision, intelligent solution. Whether it’s long-term clinical treatments requiring high-precision injections or supervised injection processes, this pump is the ideal choice. It finds applications in various medical settings, including traditional intravenous, anaesthetic, anticoagulant injections, and chemotherapy, as well as in ICU and CCU environments.

In addition to our core health care services such as home care nursing, doctor consultations, physiotherapy at home, and caregiver services, Portea now extends its expertise to offer the Syringe Pump SP-01 to meet your medical equipment needs. Experience excellence in healthcare with Portea and NISCOMED.


  • Dimension :- 278x145mmx106mm(WxDxH)
  • Weight:- 1.5kg
  • Power Supply:-100V-240V.50/60Hz
  • Power Onsumption:- <55va
  • Syringe Requirement:- Refer to ”Section 11 Notes on Disposable Syringes”
  • Maximum Flow Rates:- 1800(ml/h)


1. What is a syringe pump in medicine?

In the medical field, a syringe pump is a device used to deliver fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into a patient’s bloodstream through intravenous infusion. This technology ensures precise control over the flow rate and volume of substances being administered, making it essential for accurate dosing and continuous delivery of critical treatments and therapies.

2. What are the parameters of the syringe pump?

Users can configure parameters like flow rate, dispense volume, and syringe diameter in a syringe pump. These pumps can deliver drugs in precise amounts, ranging from as low as 0.1 ml per hour to 200 ml per hour, ensuring accurate and controlled medication administration.

3. What is a syringe pump used for?

A syringe pump intravenously administers fluids, drugs, or nutrients into a patient’s body. This medical device enables precise and controlled delivery of substances, making it valuable in various healthcare settings for treatments that require accurate dosing and continuous infusion.

4. What is the use of a syringe pump in a hospital?

Syringe pumps have a crucial role in hospitals for symptom management. They address various symptoms such as pain, nausea, vomiting, seizures, agitation, and respiratory secretions. By continuously delivering medications subcutaneously, syringe pumps provide a comfortable and effective method to manage these symptoms in patients, ensuring they receive the necessary care and relief during their hospital stay.

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