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Portea provides diverse healthcare services such as home nursing, doctor consultations, in-home physiotherapy, and caregiver assistance. Portea offers BMC G2 rental and sales services. The BMC G2 A20, an auto-adjusting pressure CPAP device, with an integrated humidifier, is designed for adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) treatment at home or in the hospital. Featuring a friendly design, stable performance, and excellent comfort, it eliminates snoring issues for a peaceful night’s sleep. Packed with practical functions, multiple access points for usage reports, and Eco-smart heating technology, it ensures efficient humidification with minimal energy consumption. Backed by a reliable after-sales team, you can use it confidently.

indication of usage: 

COPD, OSA, Acute bronchitis and pneumonia secondary to bacterial, viral, fungal causes or severely obese patients


The audience for BMC G2 are for the OSA patients With Severe Snoring

Technical specifications:

  • Modes: CPAP, AUTO CPAP.
  • Pressure: 4-20 CM H20, Heated Humidifier, EPR & 90w.
  • G2- Has in built humidifier



Is the BMC G2 suitable for both home and hospital use?

Yes, the BMC G2 is designed to treat adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and can be used in both home and hospital settings..

What comfort features does the BMC G2 offer?

The BMC G2 provides excellent comfort features, including a friendly design, stable performance, and an integrated humidifier for enhanced sleep experience.

Can I access usage reports for the BMC G2?

Yes, the BMC G2 offers multiple access points for usage reports, allowing users to monitor their therapy progress.

What practical functions are available on the BMC G2?

The BMC G2 includes practical functions such as delay time, air leakage compensation, Reslex, and an automatic on/off switch for user-friendly operation.

How does the Eco-smart heating technology work in the humidifier?

The Eco-smart heating technology in the BMC G2 humidifier enables efficient district heating, minimizing energy consumption while maximizing the humidification effect.

In which locations can I have my BMC G2 delivered?

You can receive delivery of the BMC G2 in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and other top cities in India. Rent or purchase BMC G2 online from Portea Medical Equipment, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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