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nursing and back care

An easy way of offering relaxation to your patients is by performing back care and offering them a good massage. Back care steps in nursing denote massaging and cleaning the back of the patient whilst paying attention to their pressure points. The massage offers comfort and helps the patient to relax. This helps in physical stimulation to their skin and also offers emotional relaxation. 

purpose for back-care

  • To offer comfort to your patient
  • To help promote blood circulation
  • To help the patient take good rest and have a nice sleep
  • To avoid pressure sores
  • To evaluate the skin condition
  • To relax and ease tension in muscles and tissues
  • To energize the patient and alleviate fatigue

You can make use of the 7 steps of back care in nursing pdf that is available online. 

equipment needed

You need to prepare a tray that consists of the following items. 

  • A basin that contains warm water
  • 2 sponge cloths
  • Towel and soap 
  • Back-rub lotion or surgical spirit and powder
  • Mackintosh and towel
  • Paper bag and kidney tray


  • Before you engage in the steps of back care in nursing procedure, you must wash your hands thoroughly before starting the procedure. 
  • You must screen your patient and elucidate the procedure to him/her. 
  • You need to help your patient to turn on his/her side or his/her abdomen with the back towards you and the body near the border of the bed so that the patient is as close to you as possible. If you utilize a supine position and your patient is a lady, a pillow under her abdomen will help get rid of the pressure from her breasts and support relaxation. 
  • Next, you need to lift the patient’s gown. You must turn the back top bedding and only expose the necessary part. Spread the towel near the back of the patient to shield the bed linen. Wash the back completely. Use soap in an identical manner. 
  • All the back care procedure steps in nursing should be followed properly. Pour surgical spirit onto your hand and apply firmly in a spherical motion. Repeat the procedure until the patient’s back is completely rubbed using the spirit. Rinse off the soap and dry using a towel. 
  • You then need to apply talcum powder or back-rub lotion to ease friction. While you rub the back, you must make use of solid long strokes and rubbing motions. The pressure amount to exert will rely on the condition of your patient. You can start from his/her neck and shoulders and then continue to proceed over the back. 
  • Massage with both hands working with a strong stroke; in ascending and then descending motions. You must pay special attention to their pressure areas whilst rubbing surgical spirit [25-50%]. It is generally utilized for its revitalizing effect, however rubbing lotion might also be utilized, as stated before. 
  • You must powder the area again at the end of the back care massage steps in nursing process, which should take you nearly 3 to 5 minutes. You then need to remove the towel and turn your patient on his/her back and wear the gown. 

movements used in back care

Effleurage: This is a long sweeping movement done using the palm abiding by the contour of the surface that is being treated; the fingers and the thumb are utilized over a tiny surface on the patient’s neck. Strokes must be rhythmical, slow, and gentle with pressure steady and in the course of the venous stream.

Kneading: This is carried out with the ulnar side palm leaning over the surface and the thumb and the fingers grasping the subcutaneous tissues and the skin which shift with your hands. 

Friction: This is done with the whole palmar surface of the fingers and thumb or hands over restricted areas. This movement is a spherical kneading form with pressure put against the underlying tissue part that cannot be grabbed. 

after care

  • Fix things and ensure that the patient is comfortable.
  • Get rid of the equipment and the screen. 
  • Clean the items using water and soap and keep them ready for subsequent use. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly. 
  • Record the time and date of the treatment and observation done on your record. 


Nursing care is often implemented in line with the care plan and so continuity of care during hospitalization and in discharge preparation has to be ensured. Both the nursing care effectiveness and the status of the patient should be constantly evaluated, and the care plan must be personalized as required. 

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