how icu care at home is better than hospitals?

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icu care at home

The best place to recover is “home”. Patients who still need critical care but are no longer in the acute phases of their illness can benefit from ICU at home services. These may also be used by people who have been instructed to receive medical care at home by a physician or who are unable to enter a hospital for medical reasons.

Patients who are in the final stages of their lives may indeed benefit from being discharged to their homes, where ICU services and nursing care can be offered. Longer stays in the ICU may increase the chance of developing infectious diseases, which might postpone the beginning of therapeutic procedures.

Patients should be transferred out of hospital intensive care units and given critical care at home for a variety of medical, emotional, and logical reasons.

so, who are those patients who need icu care at home?

Those who have recently come out of the intensive care unit (ICU), neurological patients, post-transplant patients, cancer patients, patients with spinal/brain injuries and/or multiple trauma, patients with end-stage chronic bronchitis, patients receiving end-of-life care, and/or patients with tracheostomies are a few examples of those who may require critical care.

where can you find emergency treatment in these challenging times?

Offering home-bound ICU setup, medical devices, and facilities from experienced and qualified doctors, nurses, caregivers, and personal helpers who help you recuperate in the ease and convenience of your home are just a few of the allied health services that go above and beyond to assist those in need. 

These services even include critical nursing care at home, home healthcare services, and therapeutic medical services.

  • Complete ICU setup at home— With the assistance of home health care providers, you can arrange the entire specialty-focused ICU setup and facilities at your home for less than 30–50% of the expense of the typical hospital ICU stay.
  • Nursing care specialist— The maintenance of modern ICU equipment and tracking of the patient’s overall performance is handled by skilled nursing care providers. These homecare ICU nurses are knowledgeable about the specifics of the ICU devices and make use of them to enhance the patient’s overall well-being.

why is icu care provided at home more convenient?

Spending time in intensive care facilities can indeed be both mentally and physically taxing. In reality, it mentally exhausts people, and they require a lot of emotional care from their near and dear ones. 

Here, the at-home critical care unit setup clearly outperforms hospital stays. Seniors who are healing at home indicate noticeably different from those recovering in hospitals because they have their loved ones nearby and the chance to do so in their own homes.

the benefits: personal and health-related

Longer stays in the ICU room may increase the possibility of getting infections that are drug-resistant and delay the beginning of therapeutic interventions. There are many benefits to providing critical care under the auspices of in-home care.

Health-related benefits

  • people with experience and training that meets international standards
  • minimal knowledge gaps between the medical staff and the treating physician
  • adhering to best practices for intensive care procedures
  • technology, procedures, and proper documentation facilitate coordinated interactions between nurses, treating physicians, and the family
  • using cutting-edge technology to assist in the delivery of care

Personal benefits

  • increased open hours for visiting to permit unlimited visits from family and friends
  • access to personal items like books, computers, tablets, TVs, music/video players, etc. with convenience.
  • In addition to being more cost-effective and accessible, continued intensive care services at home also allow or improved patient needs management.

The other advantages include—

  • The patient is considerably more content and feels secure while recovering at home.
  • can prevent deadly infections caught in a hospital.
  • receives individualized care, and the relationship between the patient and the nurse or doctor is significantly improved.
  • On the recommendation of their doctor, people with a variety of disorders related to respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and other chronic health conditions can benefit from the ICU setup at home.
  • The biggest advantage of all is that you are no longer required to check hospital status to find open ICUs for your dear one’s care. Simply make a phone call or send a text, and the at home ICU setup will be ready to provide your loved one with the finest care possible.

how can portea help?

Compromise isn’t an option when it comes to caring for your family or dear ones.

Many hospitals and doctors advise providing long-term ICU care at home for patients who need it — particularly if no direct action is necessary.

Moreover, setting up a complete ICU at home requires a complex process and might cause you unending emotional and financial stress.

We are aware of the suffering people go through while they struggle with a serious disease or long-term illness, and we aim to relieve that suffering.

For patients, particularly those who require temporary care, we have detected an essential need to create a bridge between post-hospital discharge and perfect recovery.

Our team has been working nonstop to develop a comprehensive healthcare system that provides the highest calibre of ICU nursing care services by combining clinical knowledge, professional manpower, and cutting-edge technology.

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