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collagen dressing uses

Collagen dressings are nothing but sheets, gels and pads drawn from typically porcine or bovine collagen. They play a vital role in your wound healing process since they promote cell proliferation, collagen deposition and angiogenesis in your wound bed.

During the wound-healing process, recurring wounds can turn out to be an issue when some natural processes try to hold up the healing. Matrix metalloproteinases [MMP] is one of those things. It contributes to the wound healing process since it can split the damaged tissue. But, if there is a sign of MMP presence than what is actually required, they might start to wreck the healthy extracellular matrix [ECM].

collagen dressing for burns

The primary step to applying this dressing is to clean the wound using a non-cytotoxic wound cleanser and a gauze recommended by your practitioner. Clean the surrounding skin, since there is a chance of bacteria growth. This is especially important in preventing and managing biofilm. Biofilm is often found in 90% of constant wounds, and this often leads to delayed healing.

The collagen dressing is intended to be applied precisely to the wound bed that contains live tissue. You must always stick to the dressing instructions. The sheet dressing size is often determined by the width, length, and depth of your wound. If you use powder or particles, you should apply them to the total wound bed area. The gel is generously applied to the wound area. Make sure to use collagen in deeper areas.  

You should cover the dressing using an absorbent dressing such as foam or gauze. Avoid utilizing tape on your skin to fasten the dressing except if you use a gentle tape variety. The collagen dressing for burns must be changed often depending on the drainage amount of the wound. Collagen can be utilized daily for nearly 7 days. However, it shouldn’t be employed on 3rd burns or any derived source sensitivities. 

function of modern collagen wound dressings

There are numerous kinds of collagen dressing formats and technologies available; gels, solutions, pads, pastes, powder, particles and sheets. The dressings can be utilized on partial, full-thickness or superficial type wounds including etiologies such as diabetic ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, trauma wounds, and more. Other indications incorporate hard-to-heal or chronic wounds that have delayed the inflammatory healing phase and stalled wounds with least to heavy drainage.

Collagen sheet for burns are utilized as a major dressing that often brushes against the wound bed. They are a superior wound care product that helps boost wound healing by upholding wound repair and connective tissue and skin improvement. Native collagen facilitates superior stability of the collagen particle and scaffolding all through the wound healing phases. Upholding the unique distinctive 3D collagen molecule structure is vital in optimising healing results. Utilizing a suitable collagen advanced wound care dressing can aid in stimulating stalled wounds, thereby encouraging the organization and deposition of granulation and newly produced collagen fibres in the wound bed. 

uses of modern collagen wound dressings

One more factor that may delay your healing process is biofilm formation. This takes shape when fungi, bacteria and various other microorganisms stick to the wound surface and are left free. The biofilm guards the microorganisms against the immune response of your body, thereby stopping the wound from restoring to health naturally. 

Whilst biofilms and MMPs are quite problematic as far as wound healing is concerned, collagen is utilized as a source to assist and accelerate your healing process. Collagen dressings offer a damp healing environment that permits your wound to restore to health. It is capable of inactivating or inhibiting the MMPs whilst offering the enzymes extra collagen sources, thereby allowing the natural collagen of your body to be employed for new tissue growth. When these dressings are mixed with any agents such as silver, it prevents the biofilm from entering the wound bed and causing infection.

major benefits of collagen wound dressing

Collagen wound dressing generally comes in various forms, including powders or sheets to take in wound exudate or even as a gel to offer moisture to the site of the wound. Besides being able to avert biofilms and MMPs from holding up the healing process, these dressings have various other benefits. 

  • Natural: Collagen is a protein form that is formed naturally within your body and it is easily acknowledged in the healing process.
  • Non-immunogenic: Since collagen is biological or natural, it doesn’t aggravate an unwanted body response.
  • Non-pyrogenic: It is sterile and is totally free from fever-causing elements.  
  • Hypoallergenic: It won’t trigger an allergic reaction to your skin, mostly. 
  • Boost fibroblast production: Fibroblasts are vital in the injured tissue restoration process. It helps in the fibronectin bioavailability that helps endorse the platelet spreading to the injury site.
  • Leukocyte preservation: Leukocytes [white blood cells] help fight infection and reduce the possibility of any disease. 
  • Macrophages preservation: Macrophages phagocytose eliminates bacteria and dead cells to prepare the site of the wound for healing. 

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