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Your Safety Matters - Portea is taking proactive measures to help minimise the chances of spread of the coronavirus

how well prepared is portea for the new coronavirus/covid-19

As COVID-19 becomes the matter of global concern,  Portea is taking proactive measures to help minimise the chances of spread of the coronavirus. The safety of our patients and our clinicians have always been a matter of top priority for us. We assure the sanitization of the medical equipment provided by Portea is of a top-notch level. 

In the wake of COVID -19 Here is a quick update on some of the steps that Portea has taken to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all

The guidelines recommended by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and WHO is being followed and practised by Portea clinicians.

immunization of clinicians 

Our health care professionals providing care are getting vaccinated against COVID 19 as per government guidelines

screening of clinicians for covid-19 

Our health care professionals providing care are screened clinically and accordingly tested for Covid-19 before placement, and only those asymptomatic with covid 19 negative are made eligible to provide service to patients at home.

quarantine & isolation for clinicians 

Any health care professional with recent travel history is quarantined for 14 days and tested for Covid; those tested negative are only placed to provide service to the patient.

return to work criteria for clinicians 

  • Health care professionals who come in close contact with confirmed or possible cases of Covid are trained in the appropriate use of PPEs. 
  • Sick health care professionals are encouraged to stay at home, isolate, and instructed not to report to work to minimise the spread of Covid. 
  • All newly joined health care professionals are tested, screened for Covid via symptoms assessment, travel history and lab tests.

early detection & timely diagnosis 

Examination of infected family members of patients by early diagnosis and management.

 usage of ppes

Highly trained nurses with proper use of PPEs.


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