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covid patients and home care

COVID 19 has turned the world upside down. We live in the most challenging situations where many people have lost their lives and their loved ones due to COVID. The pandemic has taken us on a roller coaster ride filling us with anxiety and fear of the virus. Thanks to our doctors and nurses who have risked their lives and taken care of people despite knowing that they would get infected. Nowadays, people have home care services for COVID patients. 

Treating COVID-19 at home is okay for asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients as they can manage the illness. But make sure you get timely clinical advice until you recover. Even if you have mild symptoms, make sure you consult a doctor who approves for home isolation. Many tele healthcare platforms enable specialized clinical care aligned to the guidelines of home care for Covid 19 patients. They provide good service and information to patients who are isolated at home. 

warning signs of covid

Most people who are allowed to isolate themselves at home have no infection in the lungs and experience a mild illness. It could be in the form of a mild fever for a day or two and have slight cough and cold. The symptoms may last for over a week, and then you’ll be fine. The Covid home care Chennai set a few guidelines to be followed by patients who have opted for home isolation. First, it is important to identify the warning signs at the earliest possible and treat yourself or your loved ones accordingly. If you have adults or old people at home, it is best to go to the hospital or have frequent consultations with the doctor. 

Signs could differ from person to person. However, the most common signs are fever, cold, cough, immense tiredness, body pain and loss of smell. If your breathing gets heavier and difficult, shift to the hospital immediately. Use an oximeter to check your oxygen levels every now and then. If it drops below 92, don’t panic, and consult the doctor at the earliest possible. You can also call your local emergency number if the person cannot wake up or is having terrible breathing issues. 

how to protect yourself and your loved ones?

If you or any of your family members have the symptoms, do a test immediately. The test results may take a day or two to come. Until then, isolate yourself and make sure you maintain social distance with everyone at home. If your test result is unfortunately positive, do not panic. Stay isolated and inform everyone with whom you have been in contact for the past few days. Most importantly, ask all your family members to get tested immediately as they have been the ones very close to you. 

Don’t think of public transportation or taxis. You might contaminate the others too. Also, don’t allow visitors home until the sick person has completely recovered from the illness. Covid home care services Mumbai facilitates educating people on how to home quarantine better and recover quickly from the illness. Last but not least, always wear a mask to protect yourself and the people around you. 

quarantine measures

More than all the consultations done and medicines you take, it’s the attitude you show towards the illness. It could be any level of seriousness, but keep your mind prepared and positive to face the illness. Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and at ease. Try having hot food and soups every now and then to help your body fight the virus. Make sure you gargle with salt water or any other prescribed gargle to clear the virus from your throat frequently. Use a lot of turmeric in your food and drinks for better immunity. 

Consult a doctor or any private platform recognized by the government to help you cope with your illness. Covid home care services Mumbai has educated people in the do’s and don’ts during covid. Most important of all, isolate yourself. Stay in a separate room until you test negative again. Don’t mix your utensils with others in the family. Keep your clothes and handkerchiefs away from them. Keep steaming at least once a day to feel fresh and breathable. Always remember we are all in this together. Support your loved ones and make them feel emotionally strong. Home care for elderly Covid patients is not advisable as their oxygen levels may fluctuate at any time. 

healthcare support for covid patients

Home care services for Covid patients is like a boon in this pandemic because not many offer help and support during these unpredictable times. It’s a blessing that many organizations have come forward to help people during these tough times. Get hold of them tightly and climb up the ladder with positivity and willpower. These platforms identify the families who require health care for Covid patients near me and reach out to them in every way possible. All you have to do is identify them. 

Private home care nurses and separate home care for elderly covid patients can help you and your family recover from the illness. Again some platforms help you with consulting a doctor online and offline. It depends on the seriousness of the illness. Trust the prescriptions given by the doctor, and don’t fail to follow them carefully. 

Keep your hands and home clean so that you don’t affect anyone else. Keep wiping surfaces and floors with proper detergents. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands frequently. We have to fight the virus in every way possible. So don’t touch your face with your hands before cleaning them. Maintain social distance and stay away from crowds. 

look for the best support 

Support and guidance in any way should be from a recognized platform. Don’t fall for crews that give you false instructions and hopes. Platforms like Portea are recognized by the government and are trustworthy. Portea home care services for covid in Kolkata support people despite the fear of loss of lives. Try opting for home care nurses who can monitor your oxygen levels, sugar levels, pressure and haemoglobin counts. Tell the doctor during consultations if you have trouble breathing and persistent chest pain or pressure. It is again one of the most popular platforms recognized by the government regarding home care services for Covid patients.

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