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what is a covid vaccine?

The covid vaccine helps the body acquire immunity to the virus by preparing it biologically with an agent similar to the disease-causing microorganism. Covid vaccines are of three main types, allowing our body to recognize and protect the virus. They are the mRNA vaccine, vector vaccine, and protein subunit vaccine. All of these can be obtained through the Portea.

why is covid vaccine needed?

COVID vaccine in India, with the help of Portea, allows you to resume the activities that you did before the pandemic. The various other reasons are:

  • COVID-19 vaccines are effective and safe for all human beings. 
  • They control the spread of the disease.
  • COVID-19 vaccine helps the body recover fast and prevent one from seriously falling sick even if they get infected. It also reduces the risk of contracting the virus and avoids death or hospitalizations.
  • It will help protect the people around us, specifically older adults or individuals at an increased risk.

when to take covid vaccine?

If you are not vaccinated at all, you can schedule for covid vaccination anytime at your convenience and get it done. But if you are infected, you have to wait for 90 days from day one since you have been tested positive for COVID-19 and then receive the vaccine. But studies suggest that the infection triggers immunity in the system, which is 80% protective. It will last for a few months, and it is advisable to wait for six to eight weeks after recovery. But WHO suggests that the infected person can wait for six months as the natural antibodies will take care of the body.

The second dose is usually administered 45 days after Covaxin’s first dose and three months after the Covishield vaccine. But if the individual gets infected after the first dose, he has to wait for eight weeks. This is because the body starts producing antibodies similar to the vaccine’s effect on the system. Covid vaccine at home for elderly in India is easily availed through the Portea site who also educates you on how to take it.

what is the dosage of covid vaccine?

Covid vaccines have two dosages administered approximately at an interval of three to four weeks. Covaxin, Covishield, Pfizer, Sputnik, and Moderna have two doses, except for Johnson & Johnson, which is only a single dose. Many questions related to the Covid vaccine when to take second dose and how important it needs to be understood. The first dose introduces the new antigen to the immune system, but the second dose only boosts the antibody response, which lasts for an extended period to create the memory response.

how to schedule a covid vaccine?

Anybody can schedule a covid vaccine online for both the doses and even for in-house vaccinations. A detailed description of the Covid vaccine when to take after covid is explained above. An online appointment is the best way to get a definite dose on the desired date and time. Government sites are operating worldwide to aid with the vaccination drive as they want to maximize the vaccinated population to deal with the pandemic.

what is the cost of a covid vaccine?

The cost of both Covishield and Covaxin will range between 200 – 1000 INR per dose depending on whether it is the shot is administered by private players or government firms. Pfizer costs approximately around 1400 per dose and Johnson and Johnson for 730 INR per dose. Moderna is expensive out of the lot, which will cost about 2500 per dose. The Covid vaccine at home for elderly may be priced a little higher depending on the location.

Disclaimer: Vaccination not administered by Portea. Please download the list of authorized centers in India to administer covid-vaccine-at-home vaccination

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