why is vaccination important for covid 19?

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why is vaccination important

Covid 19 has taken us for a ride for quite some time. Of late, the world has faced very challenging times fighting the virus and trying to save lives. Doctors and nurses are putting their maximum efforts into striving day and night, trying to save as many lives as possible. There have been different waves of the virus hitting us until we are exhausted and tired of fighting. Hospital staff, technicians, doctors and nurses have had sleepless nights fighting the virus and saving people. 

Now it’s time for us to pay tribute to them. But how? We can stay safe and help them from not having too many patients affected by the virus. Yes, after heavy research and experiments, the world’s most powerful countries had come out with vaccines that could boost our immune system and save us from the virus. There have also been many benefits of Covid-19 Vaccine India in many ways. It is our responsibility to save ourselves and our loved ones in every possible way. So don’t take this light and vaccinate yourself at the earliest possible. 

benefits of covid 19 vaccine 

After too many twists and turns, experts have finally come up with vaccines that could help the body fight the virus. You must be wondering why should I get the COVID vaccine. Well, there are many reasons. First of all, it reduces the risk of contracting the virus that causes Covid 19. These vaccines were developed rapidly to save people and have been ensured of all safety measures and effectiveness. The vaccine also prevents you from spreading the virus to others. You can easily be a carrier of the virus. You may be asymptomatic and may not even know you’re affected by it. In such cases, there are chances of affecting others who may respond differently to the virus. So it is always advisable to take the vaccine. 

Apart from this, the vaccine helps you get over the virus with mild symptoms without leading to adverse health conditions. If you have old people at home, you must get yourself vaccinated to keep them safe. The virus has now mutated into different variants, one of which is the delta variant which amuses more infections and spreads even faster than the previous forms of the virus that causes Covid 19. Try getting vaccinated at the earliest possible so that you can reduce the spread of this variant and stay safe. 

how to get covid 19 vaccine?

The registration for Covid 19 vaccination can be done through a co-win app developed by the government. Register your name and Aadhar number in the app and wait for your turn. Nowadays, there are many other private camps conducted to get people vaccinated at the earliest possible. People traveling out of the country will have to get vaccinated mandatorily as per the rules of many countries. 

Once you get vaccinated, you will receive a Covid 19 vaccination certificate stating you are vaccinated, mentioning whether it is the first or second dose accordingly. In addition, you will have a QR code-based certificate sent to the registered mobile number in the Cowin app. There are many types of vaccines like Covaxin, Covisheild, Sputnik etc. it is best to choose whatever is available as they are equally good and effective. 


Here are a few common questions and clarifications that arise in your mind about the vaccines. 

 A) Are the vaccines in India licensed?

Covisheild and Covaxin have been granted authorisation by central drugs standard control organisations in India for emergency use. Apart from this, the Sputnik -V vaccine was granted EUA in the month of April 2021. 

B) Who is manufacturing these vaccines? 

Covisheild is being manufactured by the Serum Institute of India, and covaxin has been manufactured by Bharat biotech limited. 

C) Why are children not allowed to use the vaccine?

Covid 19 is more severe in adults than children. Children usually have mild infections or can be asymptomatic. Adults can definitely manage the vaccine effects, but whether children will be able to withstand the vaccine is still under research. 

D) Can anyone who is already infected by the virus take the vaccine? 

Yes, you can, but it is better to be tested negative for the virus before you go for the vaccination as you need to isolate yourself from others. Also, at least a 14 days span should be given after recovering from the virus.

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