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covid and elderly

This pandemic has taught the value of human life and to fight it together. COVID-19 is a severe illness to which older adults are more vulnerable. Research shows that eldercare is essential as they will have pre-existing medical conditions like heart and lung diseases and sometimes even diabetes, which can turn out to be deadly with the onset of the viral infection. Therefore, prevention is better than cure is the right solution in hand and mainly for senior citizens of our society. Hence covid precautions are essential for everyone to fight the pandemic. 

why is covid care essential for older adults?

Older people are at a greater risk of COVID-19 as they experience slow recovery with their health condition and age. Their medical history and existing illness worsen their health even more when coronavirus enters their system. The death rate in older adults has created chaos in recent times, and therefore caring for the elderly is the need of the hour.

how to get prepare for covid care?

Early prevention is vital for covid care, and preventive measures to be taken as per the health advisory are important to prepare and prevent COVID. Proper COVID care a caretaker can provide for adults are:

  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water after using the bathroom and touching surfaces in public areas.
  • Teaching them the etiquette to cough and sneeze by bending the elbow.
  • Making use of disposable tissues and maximizing the efforts to keep the hands away from the face.
  • Clean the surfaces of walkers and canes used by older people at home with sanitizers.

what are the supports to expect for older adults during covid-19?

Portea has helped to manage COVID in a better way by offering various services. With numerous supports to prevent and stay safe and to care for elder’s post-infection, we have:

  • Home attendant for elderly in Chennai and other places
  • Home isolation with the help of technicians and food services
  • Doctor teleconsultation to minimize the unnecessary visits to the hospital, thereby limiting the spread
  • 24/7 COVID helpline service to help with emergencies at any time of the day
  • Oxygen therapy by offering machines to support the patient’s respiratory system recover
  • Home sample collection for lab tests post-infection. This will help to analyze and diagnose the recovery rate of the patients. 
  • Counselling sessions for mental health as this is the deadliest consequence of isolation and social distancing. 

portea supports for covid-19

Portea is the medical help provider in India, offering services to comfort the individual by reaching out to their home. The survey results for which age groups are affected by COVID-19 has clearly shown the people above 60. Thus, Portea offers in-house services which have become very helpful for people with mobility issues. Portea supports our fight against COVID-19 by supporting and offering medical help during self-quarantine. Post-treatment is provided for people who have got discharged from the hospital with efficient and professional nurses. The home services that are provided by Portea in association with COVID are:

how to take care of mental health of elderly during covid

The various ways to prevent COVID has led to severe mental health issues, mainly in older adults. This is because they are restricted to spend time with friends and family members, leading to loneliness. The coronavirus risk factors have affected the mental health of many people. Thus, there are few steps to be taken to preserve the mental health of senior citizens.

  • Limit the in-person visits to the houses where elders reside and train them to perform physical distancing instead of social isolation. Social isolation harms older adult’s mental health and immunity.
  • Make them feel involved, less lonely and purposeful during this pandemic by encouraging them to watch videos. Introduce them to gadgets and make them spend time using laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Help them video chat with their dear ones so that they do not feel detached. 
  • Lift their spirits by arranging for their friends and family to call over the phone or send written notes.
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