taking care of your elderly parents

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taking care of your elderly parents

Your parents play a vital part in moulding your life. Most parents work quite hard throughout their lives to offer the best nurturing to their kids. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your parents live a secure and stress-free retired life. Taking care of elderly parents can at times drain you financially and physically. The chaos of your present-day lifestyle might make it almost impossible to attend to the aged people at home. This necessitates the services of empathetic and emotionally mature personnel. You can hire them to allow you to lead a normal life and also ensure that your parents are happy. Here are some tips that you should make use of while taking care of your parents. 

helpful tips for old age care:

Have an appropriate support system

When you have people around you who can come to your help like your extended family, friends, siblings etc anytime you need them, why should you do things alone? However, you need to be careful while asking for assistance from your close circuit. It can be a one-time help and it shouldn’t be a recurring comfort source. You have to cast your net wide to find the right professional agency. There are numerous old age care services that offer essential support like cooking, daily grocery shopping, laundry, doctor visits, salon and spa trips, etc. 

Support from your relatives

People who live away and are not present physically can do their part in helping your parents by just calling them on the phone every other day. Talking to someone is therapeutic for elder people. You can help them by paying their bills or helping them in dealing with financial issues. 

Make use of public welfare assistance

The government operates various healthcare services that offer free or low-cost checkups for the elderly. You can utilize these benefits as they will help you track your parent’s health at a reduced price. 

Structured visits to the doctor 

You can take part in elderly care services such as taking the parents to their doctors. To prepare for the visit, you must make a note of all the queries that you have in mind. This must incorporate the contact details of the consultant. It is equally important to take with you the details of your parent’s medical history, present medication and the prescribed amount. You can help them comprehend the medicines together with suggested dietary changes. 

Safety against cons and scams

Aged people are not tech savvy and they often find it hard to comprehend a great deal of processes and gadgets that are available today. This can lead them to get conned. It is significant to guard them against falling into any traps regarding financial deals and losing money. 


It is significant to spend on an insurance policy for elderly people. This will help them stay stress-free and feel safe about the future. 

importance of old age care:

Diet and exercise

It is always good to go with the elderly for walks in the morning and evening. It will make them feel revived and it would be a good chance for you to spend quality time together. You need to pay attention to their diet too. They might not be capable of consuming much and thus it is vital to feed them a healthy and nutritious meal. A virtue integrated elder care can take care of this service for you. 

Community programs

There are several organizations that operate smart elderly care services. They aid with smooth patient treatment and also look after the transportation, formalities and other paperwork. They offer transport, home maintenance, maid and food services too. 

Gather information

You must collect information about diseases or illnesses that the parents may be suffering from. You can enrol in support groups or old people nursing forums that have information about these illnesses. This will assist you in being prepared. 

Do not leave your profession

People think that they can leave their profession anytime to take care of their parents. However, they must first consider the advantages and disadvantages such as leaving behind the insurance cover advantage offered by their company etc. There might be a likelihood of not obtaining another opportunity anytime soon. Thus, it is always better to talk to your present employer and look into the possibilities of variable working hours. You can always hire a caregiver from a reputed at-home elderly services company too. 

The major responsibility of the aged person lies with the caregiver. Thus, it is significant for the person to stay healthy mentally and physically. It is vital that they get some alone time to engage in some relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, etc. The caregiver needs to take some breaks too. If the caregiver feels exhausted or irritated, they might not be capable of doing their duties properly. You might feel like you must be there to look after the elderly, however, you must keep in mind that you shouldn’t ignore your own requirements. 

The tips mentioned here should be helpful in taking care of parents in old age and help them lead a respectful life with your care and affection. 

The care plans at Portea Medical are specially created in catering to the personal healthcare needs of the elderly. The dedicated health manager will ensure that all their requirements are looked after. 

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