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  • Indicated for infusing nutrients, medications and drugs
  • Designed for gradual and small dosages of drugs to the patients
  • Holds 1 Syringe from micro-liter sizes up to 60 mL


Portea provides Rent and Sale equipment and support to syringe-dependent patient. We can help you decide the best pump and range of administration for your requirements.

Syringe pump is intended to deliver drug at a predetermined rate and speed. In recent days, pharmaceutical companies have grown increasingly concentrated and compelling medication compatible with such syringe pumps. Syringe pumps are especially useful under such conditions as they are modified to do convey medicate through the vein at a decided rate.

Syringe pumps can convey drugs even in little measurements, 0.1 ml for each hour to 200 ml for each hour. The accuracy is said by the maker in their user manual and will in an ideally be specified regarding flow rate i.e. over the whole time of conveying the medication, the variety won’t be more than the prescribed limit. These pumps have a smooth delivery up the whole time period.


  • Large format LCD/TFT display.
  • Syringe range from 20-50/60 ml.
  • A bolus rate up to 1000ml/hr for 50 ml syringe.
  • A minimum flow rate range from 0.1 – 1200 ml/hr for 50ml syringe, 0.1 – 100 ml/hr for 20ml syringe and 0.1 – 60 ml/hr for 10ml syringe.
  • A flow rate accuracy of ±2%
  • Work with input 200 to 240Vac 50 Hz supply.
  • A rechargeable battery with back up time of minimum 3 hours.
  • Large-format LCD/TFT display.
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