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Portea offers the Walking stick  for purchase, providing support to patients in need. We assist in selecting the right product and method of administration. We also offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, physiotherapy, nursing home care, diagnostics and vaccination services.

Walking sticks or walking cane provide support to individuals recovering from surgery, requiring extra assistance to move, or needing balance while standing. They aid in maintaining good posture, strengthening back muscles, and alleviating some pressure from the lower back, knees, and hips during walking.

These sticks are known for their high stability, robust load-bearing capacity, and exceptional durability.

Indication of Usage:

A walking stick can give support to the patient for Postoperative, Rehab, Bed ridden patients


The primary audience for walking stick includes individuals grappling with age-related concerns, back problems, or arthritis and can derive substantial benefits from the thoughtful utilization of an appropriate walking stick.

Brands: Prajwal, Arrex, Novamed, Med-e-move, Meditech, Medivion. 



Can walking sticks be adjusted for height?

Many walking sticks come with adjustable height settings. This feature allows users to customize the stick’s length based on their individual height and comfort preferences.

Are there specific techniques for using a walking stick correctly?

Proper technique involves holding the stick on the opposite side of your injured or weaker leg. Move the stick forward with each step, ensuring it provides support and balance. Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized instructions.

Is the use of walking sticks beneficial for health?

Studies indicate that walking with poles can result in increased calorie expenditure and elevated heart rate, despite the perception of exertion being similar to regular walking. This activity has the potential to boost metabolism and engage additional muscle groups, contributing to improved blood pressure and an enhanced quality of life.

When is it advisable to discontinue the use of a walking stick?

It is recommended to cease using your walking cane when you no longer experience limping and can walk without pain. Waiting until reaching this point ensures that the injured leg has regained sufficient strength to support you comfortably and without discomfort.

In which locations can I have my Walking stick delivered?

You can have the Care of Walking stick delivered in top cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and others across India. Rent or buy the Walking stick online from Portea Medical Equipment, and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

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